In the first episode of  Cuddlist Talks we explain the 3 ways in which we can improve ourselves and the relationships we have with others through the service of Professional Cuddling.

  1. Slowing down
    Cuddlist provides a container for safe meditation. Often we are told to go off and meditate or simply to do our own thing. However,  we were not created to be alone. We were created to be with each other. We were created to have this interaction that’s so human and amazing.
  2. Improving mental and physical health
    Touch and cuddling is essential for better health and you can’t be a better partner if you are not healthy yourself. People with depression, people that have mental health issues, physical health, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Things that are really the effects of high stress and bad nutrition because we are rushing; because we are trying to keep 
  3. Learn about yourself and another person intimately
    When a practitioner begins their session they may ask, “How would you like to receive touch? How would you like to begin your session?” In the beginning they would say “ I don’t know what I want.” That’s when the practitioner provides resources that informs and lets them figure out what is right for them. Then during their sessions, they will experiment through communication and learn about what’s comfortable for each other and how to execute those actions without violating anyone’s consent or comfort level. All of this allows you to be open, intimate and vulnerable.

The Challenge

This challenge comes in two parts.

  1. Go up to someone who you know needs a good hug and ask them, “Would you like a hug?”
  2. This is the hard part. Don’t let go until they let go. Try to notice how long this takes and how you feel when you are doing it. Remember this exercise is all about communication, intimacy and vulnerability.

Happy Cuddling!