By Adam Lippin, Nicolette Cetrulo

In order to grow, develop, and sharpen your skills in any aspect of your life, it is beneficial to have a mentoring and support system. At Cuddlist, under the guidance of the co-founder and architect of our training program, Madelon Guinazzo, we bring something unique and valuable into the professional cuddling space.

We start with the premise that all of us are exactly perfect the way we are. We don’t come in needing to fix anyone, and there’s nothing broken. All of us have an opportunity to empower ourselves to become our best. In order to discover our best selves, we need to find what it is that motivates us in a way that brings our best selves forward. The Cuddlist training program and community is designed for exactly that. We won’t teach you how to cuddle – you already know that, and for us that is an intuitive, creative process that it happens in whatever way it should happen when conditions are set.

These conditions are a foundation of unconditional positive regard, a strict adherence to boundaries in our code of conduct, and a trust in our clients that they can advocate for what they want in healthy, non-shaming ways. In this way we help them uncover and discover their best selves. The lessons and the exercises, the practitioner calls, the weekly calls with Madelon, and the continuous flow of content from our cuddlist practitioners, are all designed to create an experience and community that is hard to describe. Many of our cuddlists have come from and participate in other organizations, and they have expressed how they align with us in ways that satisfy them beyond their expectations. Our Cuddlists feel the same calling we feel. They see the purpose of our mission, and it aligns with their values and exactly what they want to bring to the world.

Being a Cuddlist is not for everyone. We’re not for people who just like to cuddle, or for people who can offer warmth and compassion to another person. We want to revolutionize the way we communicate with and experience each other. If you are looking to take your practice to the next level, we welcome you.