By Adam Lippin

Cuddlist was launched in January 2016 to address touch deprivation in a safe, professional environment. We provide needed touch to clients in a safe, therapeutic environment.

What has surpassed our expectations is the brilliance of the people we have attracted into our training program. We have had hundreds of people go through our training program and have more than eighty practitioners on our website with more coming on board weekly.

The Cuddlists on our site have incredible skills and talents and come from a wide-range of health fields such as yoga teacher, empath, therapist, reiki practitioner, health expert, teacher, psychologist, massage therapist, and healers of all types.

Our Cuddlists range in age from their early 20s into their 70s. Our Cuddlists encompass all gender identities, sexual orientations, and ethnicities, located across the country, from New England to California and everywhere in between.

Collectively, our practitioners have hundreds of years of knowledge and experience in health and healing. Through Cuddlist, the professional cuddlers can share their knowledge and experiences with a respectful community that can offer support and advice. Crowdsourcing knowledge allows our Cuddlists to always be learning from one another, gaining new skills and incorporating new techniques.

Our training program and philosophy allow our professional cuddlers to shine by using their unique skills and individual gifts in their cuddle session. Our code of conduct is designed to create a space of clear communication, boundaries, and acceptance for both the professional cuddler and client. Mutual consent is required at all times.

The code of conduct helps Cuddlists and clients to communicate what is expected and desired during the cuddling session. Clients can then know they’re cared for, safe, and respected. The cuddle session moves at the client’s speed and focuses exclusively on their individual needs.

Our referrals from therapists are increasing and our clients our as diverse as our cuddlists. We’re seeing a wide-range of clients, from military personnel to stressed out grad students to recently divorced or widowed adults.

The evidence of out work is in the testimonials from our clients and I am continually awed by the testimonials we receive daily. Here is just one example:

“John Ellsworth is a rare find. He is a person who is completely attuned to the experience of the body, but he also has a tremendous capacity to listen to what our needs are, just talking things through. John is deeply sensitive, but is also a man of great strength. My sessions with him have been healing and comforting, but have also awakened me to look at areas in my life for personal growth in a way I hadn’t expected. I can’t recommend John enough for his kindness and commitment to what he’s doing, and for the care he takes in being present to the experience of cuddling. He is a true artist and shaman of the heart.”

We are at the forefront of a new healing modality. The support and recognition that cuddling and healing touch receives from the broader community is only going to grow. Non-sexualized touch within a safe, healing space can have profound mental, spiritual, and physical healing powers.

This is only the beginning of our work. Each person we share our healing and intimate connection with — like ripples in a pond — will then have a profound impact on the people in their lives.

Find your Cuddlist at Cuddlist.

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