By Adam Lippin

Everyone, regardless of gender, requests a session with a Cuddlist practitioner for different reasons. They answer an unmet need for human contact and connection within every human – within every being.

Lately, more of our client requests are from women or female-bodied people. While each one is different, we noticed a common thread from these. They feel touch deprived, they are emotionally drained, exhausted, and are seeking to be replenished.

We can speculate, along with many others, the ways that, as the “mother of the species,” the female-bodied among us have a long history of fulfilling the function, and offering the gift, of generous nurturing. This is an outward-directed orientation to serve and support their children, their invalid parents, their male-bodied partners, to those in their communities. It seems that one fallout of this outward-oriented nurturing of others, is that there is often a need to be reminded to nurture, and to feel, their own selves.

Seeing more female-bodied clients indicates that more are taking the time to decide what they need in order to be nurtured, as well as that they’re feeling worthy of it and are allowing themselves to take care of themselves. It’s really gratifying to see that they’re taking time to be nurtured and to feel lovingly supportive, embraced, and be able to take advantage of their own self-care.

Many women and female-bodied people are saying that they are getting their needs met thanks to Cuddlist. We’re glad we offer this experience, and look forward to reaching many more.