Digital World Changing


Beautifully written and informative: Reads almost like poetry, yet scholarly and thoughtfully researched. For Cuddlist to discussed in this piece validates everything we stand for:
Which is creating a legitimate healing modally that has the power to significantly enhance lives.
What is so cool is (for me personally) is that this story quotes from an article in which Cuddlist was featured in the NY Times…and proud that the hard work we are doing is having a strong impact.
You must read this…
Here are a few brief excerpts:
“We live in a society that has become obsessed with touch, far from the postwar shake-hands-with-your-father world my parents grew up in. Today, teenagers hug strangers at first meet. And recent research suggests that waiters who use a “light touch” while serving can earn more in tips. One friend admitted she rather liked being frisked by airport security, thinking of it as “like a mini massage.”
 “Perhaps it’s not surprising that as the world gets crazier, physical interaction feels more important.”
“Believing in touch and what it tells you about something, or even someone, is the most basic instinct we have.”