Host Timbo Reid interviews Cuddlist Co-Founder & CEO Adam Lippin who says that we, as a culture are “sex obsessed but touch deprived”. So what’s he doing about it? They will delve into the process in which Adam uses with his ideas, starting with fleshing them out, a great hack to research their viability and ultimately deciding whether or not to pursue or ignore them.

Small Business Big Marketing with guest Adam Lippin



  1. Think about how you greet your clients when you meet them. I’m not suggesting you hug them, but what do you do? Handshake? High five? Eye contact? Put some thought into it and try and implement consistently.
  2. Use Fiverr to find people to do your initial research around an idea. Maybe get them to research your competitors, review their websites, social media activity. You could also get them to research industry trends.
  3. Have crystal clear rules of engagement. Let your prospects know … this is how we do business.