Cuddling is one of the most fundamental forms of affection shown by humans, and which allow us to not only create bonds built also nurture a feeling of safety and security.

Is there any stigma with cuddling?

Yes, there is and this is due to various cultural and traditional practices among many communities.

Cuddling as an activity is not just restricted to people but is also observed in animals and birds as well. In fact, it has been discovered that it is very important to the mental and emotional growth of many sentient life forms.

According to research, a hormone called oxytocin is released every time we snuggle up or just plain cuddle with someone we like.

From breastfeeding mothers (who tend to appear calmer than their bottle-feeding counterparts) to babies being soothed because they are being cuddled, such intimate touching is pivotal to our peace of mind and the calmness we derive from it.

The question arises: why then, is there so much stigma attached to this seemingly innocuous of exercise and expression of love? Let’s find out.

 Upbringing and related socio-cultural issues

It has to do a lot with the way we have been bought up and our own self-conceived ideas of what defines personal space and boundaries. In fact, many studies agree that the lack of the human touch in the physical sense is often responsible for a lot of latent anger and pent-up emotions.

For example, children and even teenagers in more socially permissive European upbringings tend to be less angry and less prone to the suppressing and managing their anger as compared to their North American counterparts who may have had to forgo the healing powers of the human touch, due to social and cultural norms.

 Today’s norms and the impact of the lack of physical contact

The idea that people who do not touch and cuddle as much as they should is definitely gaining a lot of traction these days. This  has directly led to the creation of an entire industry dedicated to helping people rediscover the power and the healing capabilities of the human touch.

Currently more and more professional cuddlers have started making a living simply by being there, for their clients and customers who have also realized just what they have been missing in their collective lives.


Cuddling is one of the best stress busters out there and is a whole lot better than being dependent on anti-depressants and similar medication.

This is why it is imperative that you rediscover the joys of cuddling your friends and other loved ones and thereby re-ignite the bonds that have held us all together.