tech CEOs need touch

The power of touch can go a long way and this is not necessarily limited to one’s unique personality .

Due to the stressful nature of their work, Tech CEOs or leaders require need, as research that it hepls in breaking down the barriers between employers in an organisation.

When looking at professional or corporate environments, people promoted to a position of leadership such as CEO, tend to avoid or reduce their amount of physical contact.

While many people might believe that touch is granted only on very important instances, it is actually not true.

Touch is quite crucial to building and strengthening relations, especially when you look into workers in the field of tech.

This post will tell you all about why it’s so important for tech CEOs to introduce and increase their use of “touch”.

Why it’s important

Adding personal touch especially to executives often offers a huge impact in bettering the organization. This is not only regarded in the form of actions deemed inappropriate for the workplace, however, a simple act of handshake can make a major difference towards the overall atmosphere.

Here are a few reasons why it’s considered crucial for CEO to introduce personal touch in their workplace:

Reason #1: It offers a great amount of comfort

When you shake hands with an employee or someone at a position that is lower than yours, you automatically build a connection. This is very important in the corporate environment because if your employee doesn’t have the ease or sense of comfort around you then their level of competence automatically decreases.

Introducing personal touch on a daily basis helps to ensure a powerful growth and allows your employees to see you from a different light.

Reason #2: Better feedback

Once you are able to establish your connection with employees, a sense of touch is your gateway to introducing a slight tone of informality between you and the employees. This allows them to easily approach you with issues and give critical yet constructive feedback and opinions on the growth of the company.

The sense of touch, be it a slight hug or handshake amongst tech employees is not much known and therefore holds a much bigger impact.

When you consider using touch in the case of CEOs, it will better their efficiency in working.

Reason #3: It changes perspectives

When CEOs introduce the sense of touch, they better their image in front of the employees. They are then perceived in a light which is recommended to be much better and much more easy going as compared to before.

Touch in the case of handshakes or even hugs can bring an element of ease and better the performance of the workplace.

As a CEO, it’s your responsibility to understand your employees and make them more comfortable around you.That means you should definitely consider introducing touch amongst your tech fellows and show them a thing or two about the change.

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