“New neural pathways have been created because of the level of touch I’ve experienced. I’m not thinking in the same way that I was a few months ago.” -Caleb

Caleb’s testimony exemplifies the spirit and mission of Cuddlist. His transformative experience with professional cuddlers positively impacted his mental and physical well being. Ultimately, Cuddlist helps people benefit from the power of touch. Caleb revealed that “one thing that establishes trust…is touch. Touch is the lubrication for trust. It is very hard to trust someone you’ve never touched.”

Because of the additional trust he felt with his Cuddlist-certified practitioner, Caleb feels his sessions were more impactful than in any other therapeutic environment. Caleb mentioned that in other places “if [he] were told some of the same things, [he] would have dismissed it.” Trust enables people to open up and grow in meaningful ways. Caleb describes his session as “transformative” and that it “changed his life for the better.”

Initially, Caleb was hesitant about having his first cuddle session. Despite suffering from touch deprivation, concerns prevented him from seeking the help he needed.

“What are my friends/family going to think of me?”
“Does this mean that my life is pathetic?…the fact that I have to give someone cash to get affection is indisputable affirmation that I am….a loser.”
“I’m a loser because I’m paying someone to touch me.”

Caleb benefitted greatly by trusting his instincts and having a session with a Certified Cuddlist. Trust is key to growth, and a professional cuddle session is a great way to get on the right path to wellness.

*Caleb’s name has been changed to protect the individual’s privacy.

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