We have been in the media a lot over the past few days – so much that our website crashed a few times because of the surge in volume.

We literally have had over 60 articles written in over 20 countries!!!

We are so grateful to be able to have a platform to discuss the Healing Power of Cuddling and Touch and to be a part of this much needed discussion.

Our goal at Cuddlist is to have Professional Cuddling recognized as the legitimate healing modality we know it is…

Here are links to just a few of the media coverage including an audio clip of an Interview that Adam did on the Dr. Wendy Walsh Show!


Links and videos:


Daily Mirror:
Lonely women are hiring professional ‘cuddlers’ for £50 per hour ‘non-sexual’ hugging sessions

The Daily Mail:
Wife whose husband’s job keeps them apart pays hundreds of dollars to cuddle and spoon with STRANGERS – but insists it’s not sexual

Lonely people are now paying £55 an hour for cuddles

Good Housekeeping:

Radio X:
There’s A Professional Service Offering Cuddles, And It’ll Cost You This Much…

Barcroft TV

Jay Jay, Dom & Randell

Dr. Wendy Walsh Show