Welcome!  We are glad you are here! Cuddlist is pleased to provide this significant training material to the public. Inclusivity and diversity are an important part of the movement that Cuddlist represents. Thank you for your interest in this important conversation.

Earlier this year, Cuddlist.com invited our Cuddlist practitioners in membership to participate in an important conversation: “Understanding Whiteness + Deconstructing the Illusion of White Guilt: A discussion on acknowledging and identifying privilege and how that affects your work as a Cuddlist, Lead by Quintin Xavier”.  We’ve decided this was such an important conversation, we wanted to offer it to our entire community.  We encourage you to share and start your own discussions.

While this discussion is geared towards Cuddlist practitioners, we think you will find value in it too.

Thank you, Quintin, for leading such an important conversation.  If you’d like to show your appreciation, please consider sending a thank you to Quintin via donation.

About Quintin Xavier: When Quintin isn’t on set working as a producer in cable television, he moonlights as a performance coach. Whether its physical fitness, mental wellness, or creating and achieving personal and professional goals, he has developed techniques to help his clients achieve success with his unique approach and strategies. He follows 5 guidelines: – Never lose your sense of humor. – Welcome failure: it’s part of your journey. – Destroy the haters with facts, not force. – Check your privilege at the door. Be an ally. – Shine brighter: don’t dim the light of others.  Learn more at http://www.quintensity.com/.

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