By Nicolette Cetrulo

To me, the importance of having agency in the choices I make is a cornerstone of what feminism is. Boundaries and consent are, therefore, key topics. In my internship with Cuddlist, I have come to discover that their values, while not explicitly being labeled “feminist,” align perfectly with mine. The Cuddlist mission empowers both the practitioner and their clients to adhere to careful boundaries and consent practices, in a way that liberates both parties.

As co-founder Madelon Guinazzo states, “It has everything to do with boundaries and the ability to consistently communicate them in positive ways.” On our homepage she asks, “Are you able to establish boundaries in a positive and consistent way? Would you like to build on, strengthen, and improve these abilities in yourself?”

When I was first hired as an intern, I understood Cuddlist to be another “Professional Cuddling Company.” But after only three weeks of being part of the team, I have a much better understanding of the impact of the message of this company, and how the power of mutual platonic touch is empowering women to set boundaries and put themselves first.

The mission at Cuddlist has a strong connection with me, along with many others. That connection with the mission statement has helped me allow my voice to be heard throughout my internship with Cuddlist thus far.