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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour

New York, NY

About Bodhi

I’m seeing more and more of a need.. A call to be understood, listened to, and held. I believe the power of touch and empathy can provide unity and warmth when we need it the most: Today.

I’m an actor, a vegan, a musician, and ultimately, an empath. My capacity and need to feel and relate to others is needed now more than ever. Nothing is more gratifying for me than to leave hearts warmed and comforted. We find ourselves in troubling times, and the power of touch and human connection is not to be underestimated. Amongst a litany of other things, I believe comfort and affection is a much needed kickstart. My natural inclination to listen and heal can subsequently provide a sense of unity through times it’s needed most.

Session information from Bodhi

I don’t charge a travel fee, because I prefer and recommend outcalls for our time together. I tend to feel most comfortable, when clients feel at home. And I’ve come to find, nothing is more convincing and comforting than one’s own home. I also tend to make myself available any time of the day, night, or in between hours- for those of us with irregular hours or sleeping habits. My body temperature runs abnormally high, so there is money to be saved on NYC heating costs 🙂

I’m willing to travel anywhere within Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, or Brooklyn. Although, if the travel time exceeds an hour, we may discuss a travel rate. If you live on Long Island or Upstate, I’m willing to make that trip.

I welcome clients to my home as well. I have one roommate. He’s very old, but not a ghost. Vinyl records or Spotify playlists are offered, but not necessary. Thought provoking conversation, and witty jokes are also offered, but perhaps less necessary. Sometimes, silence really is golden. You decide!

I like briefly emailing or FaceTiming before sessions to answer questions regarding the code of conduct. I find our time together to run more smoothly with a better understanding of what you’re looking for and expecting from our time together.

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Cuddling Not Much Else


Generally Available At Any Hour,

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