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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $85/hr plus travel

Las Vegas, NV

About Bree

I’m Bree, a professional trained Cuddlist! A Cuddlist session is a touch therapy service that provides people with the benefit of nurturing touch and connection. Cuddlist sessions remain safely within a platonic, non-sexual relational arena and is client-led; focused on the individuals’ preferences and boundaries. I provide platonic cuddle sessions, companionship and touch therapy. I faciliate a safe space of non-obligation where each party’s communication is 100% open and uninhibited.

Cuddling helps alleivate stress, loneliness and anxiety and it creates a pleasant chemical release in our brains to make us feel safe, relaxed, and happy.

I practice non-judgmental acceptance, informed consent and open, clear communication which provides a safe, comfortable space for us to harmoniously connect and indulge in touch.

I knew cuddling was just for me as I’m already fascinated with relational neuroscience, social dynamics, and interpersonal communication. I learned the important lesson of embracing vulnerability and pursuing new opportunities through a rough history of personal inhibitions and social anxiety. I turned toward a path of personal development to become the person that I am today and whereas previously I would shy away from social opportunity, I now thrive off the experience of interacting with people and consider myself a connection enthusiast!

Human face-to-face connectedness is vital. We’re hardwired for close-knit relationships and we desire to feel valued, appreciated, and safe. Social connection and cuddling stimulates our brain and improves our mental and physical wellbeing! As we experience friendly interaction we release oxytocin and activate our dopamine reward system which makes us feel euphoric, relaxed, and lowers stress levels. When we receive nurturing, platonic touch our brain sends signals to our nervous system allowing us to exit the fight-or-flight (sympathetc nervous system) response many of us are chronically stuck in throughout our daily stresses.

Due to modern-day factors, it is very easy to become socially isolated and deprived of healthy, meaningful relations with others. Studies have linked chronic loneliness to a higher chance of Alzheimer’s late in life and isolation can worsen virtually any illness. I have witnessed this tragedy first hand and it’s further solidified my passion for social connection!

Even if you only just discovered cuddle therapy, I very much recommend giving it a go! We always begin at your unique level of comfort and pace. Anyone and everyone can benefit from a Cuddlist session. Whatever it may help with for you, I would be delighted to be by your side and make sure that you feel important during our time together!

After our session, you will find yourself feeling serene, comfortable, and refreshed. The more you experience this, the more you’ll associate social interaction with positivity and acquire more relational wellbeing!

Session information from Bree

Online Services:

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30 Min Virtual Session US$35

60 Min Virtual Session US$65

While the benefit of touch plays an important role in cuddling, connection can also be facilitated through digital face-to-face/ear-to-ear communication. I make virtual sessions all about you and enjoy ensuring that you feel heard! This is a perfect option for those who are not comfortable with in person sessions due to any health concerns or if you’re not proximal. Enjoy a virtual coffee date, goodnight call, or guided meditation chat.

Incall & Outcall Services:

Custom Cuddle Session US$85/hr + travel

A completely customized session in which we explore and determine what kind of therapeutic touch, social activities, and cuddle style works best for you! I recommend a minimum of a 90 min session so we don’t feel rushed and to get the full benefits of cuddling and social connection!

Option 1: Silent Relaxation/Cuddle Meditation; minimal conversation preferred.

Option 2: Social Cuddles; casual conversation welcome!

*8hr Overnight Special: $600

Supportive Connection Ritual US$120/hr + travel

This session is designed by me to focus on vulnerability, openness and feeling seen. This connection ritual involves eye gazing, hand holding, grounding exercises, mantras, guided meditation and cuddle positions customized to your preference.

Cuddle-Social US$80/hr + travel

*$250/4hr Special + travel

General platonic companionship to a public place you’d like my company. Coffee, park, event, movies, exercise class, etc.

Session Info:

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Incall sessions are in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas. Outcall is just the cost of my transportation added to the session total.

During the initial few minutes, we’ll chat about session protocol and begin to design your ideal session while we sip on hot tea or water on the sofa before entering my cuddle space. There will be relaxing music and optional aromatherapy to create a peaceful ambiance where we will have a restorative time together.

Each session is customized and client-led/focused in that I encourage you to search within yourself what exactly you’d like out of the session and to communicate your needs so we can make it a truly therapeutic experience.

We can curl up, take a relaxing nap, try out different positions you may have researched, have a great conversation, or enjoy in the moments of silent or meditative sensory presence.

I have a free roam kitten during my incall sessions – she’s a perfect cuddle addition! Or at your request, I may keep her out of the cuddle room.


Skills & Specialties

Great Relationships University neuro-linguistic programming neuroplasticity social support massage asmr guided meditation overnight holding space reading outdoors travel


Request a session for availability. I'm flexible on time/days.
I recommend you book me for 2+ hours because, anything less wouldn't be enough!

If you do want to book, please do it no later than 4 hours before the session to give me time to prepare.
Overnight and long distance travel sessions should be planned 2 weeks in advance.

I take my safety and boundaries very seriously so be respectful at all times - Either one of us can end the session at any time and leave if any lines are crossed. I do want this to be a positive and great experience for the both of us!

I accept BTC as payment! Pay your cuddle fee in bitcoin.

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