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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour

Portland, OR

About Brenda

You’re in the perfect place. The opportunity to know what you want, speak it in a safe and caring environment, and discover value in honoring you…100%.

I want you to get to celebrate what is true for you. To get to speak and be heard, every time. To be empowered to move every time something doesn’t work for you…in our session and in life. You deserve to trust yourself and know your power.

With this work, I have gained a fine-tuned awareness of the kindness I want to give and receive…and how to do that in a way that honors everyone. I am passionate about people knowing who they are, how to express it, and being safe to do so. As a mother, I have vision for our youth growing up, having choice about how people touch them, being free to express their true interest or lack thereof to someone’s offer, and knowing how to offer and respect another person’s response to them. As a former speech and language therapist, and one dedicated to effective communication, I see this work rocketing us to authentic conversation and working relationships.

Trust yourself. You know if this is for you.

Session information from Brenda

Once you submit a request, I will respond to schedule a preliminary visit to confirm our mutual interest in working together.  In that visit, a key focus will be on what you see of value for your life out of our exchanges.

In your session, I’ll offer a place for your things, ask if you’d like water, and help you settle in comfortably.

The space we’ll be in can be arranged a number of ways, is cozy and peaceful. In your session, I offer a place for your things, water, and music (requests are encouraged). The location is in the 98663 zip code. Free parking is available and public transit is available within 1 block.
I accept payment through Venmo, PayPal, Cash (app), or regular green cash, and ask for 24-hour notice of cancellation.

Skills & Specialties

"Certified Speech and Language Therapist (CCC/SLP) for 16 years Personal & Professional Growth Training and Development with Landmark (www.landmarkworldwide.com) since 2003 Mother.


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