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Bri Leonard

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $60/hr

Syracuse, NY

About Bri Leonard


The Poverty of Touch in our Modern Technologically Advanced Culture

Unfortunately, when it comes to ethical, structured and platonic human touch – It is often the under served, marginalized communities (BIPOC and LGBTQ+) that may feel the most intense loss and longing for connective, honorable and therapeutic touch. I believe so strongly in consent based touch and holding intimate space with another human that I sought out a structured way to create services that allow us to actualize and seek out trusted guidance and empathetic professional assistance when it comes to creating safer spaces for consensual, empathetic touch within these communities.

SHAME = I am a mistake.
At Cuddlist we actively reduce or erase shame or quiet an unforgiving critical internal voice that attempts to convince us that we are unworthy or unlovable.

What causes a person to resist assistance or care when it comes to touch?
#1: Shame – surrounding platonic touch between 2 consenting individuals #2: There isn’t a language yet developed in our collective hearts when it comes to getting core, touch needs being met when we don’t have the option to ask for it safely. #3: We may have not been taught these terms in a “safe” environment with a trusted professional. #4) We may have allowed aspects of touch to happen through obligation– but we may have not actively chose them or understood them. We also may have touched against our will and may not have had a chance to recover or come to terms with such experiences. #5) In other circumstances we may have not believed that we could have these gifts for our self for fear of societal constraints or even our inability to give or grant ourselves these special moments in a way we could not imagine. #6: We have experienced touch that was unsafe or abusive. #7: We may have even sought out connection but didn’t want all the complexities of full blown relationships and ensuing potential for loss of self/identity. #8: We may have had difficulty to confidently ask for getting our needs met because we thought our desires weren’t worthy or we deemed ourselves as “strange” or “unworthy” – and so we went without and starved ourselves of basic human connections. Together we can begin to change our past with bright path forward!


From The Book of Cuddles by Dr. Yoni Alkan: “Western culture has a complicated relationship with touch. Traditionally our society does not allow men to explore kind and affectionate touch or nonsexual touch, while most women and nonbinary people have difficulty finding spaces where it is safe for them to experience positive touch and might even find themselves in danger. Additionally, there are marginalized groups that have had a hard time finding touch at all because of cultural bias and discrimination around gender, age, body type, race, disability and other factors.”

CUDDLIST: Professional, Intentional, Collaborative, Responsive and Active Therapeutic Touch

The process:

I host in-calls in a comfortable, clean indoor space in a private office building. Just as each client is unique, each cuddle session will look and proceed differently. Within our safe container, you have the opportunity to…
– Share authentic, intimate connection
– Feel and express all of your emotions
– Speak your deepest truths and be listened to
– Learn, grow, and expand your capacity for pleasure
– Touch, Explore, Play, and Just BE!
As long as we agree to our Code of Conduct – you will be able to enjoy a space free of judgment, obligation, or demands where you can choose a path of growth or relaxation! You can also take away tools and experiences that can lead to deeper life fulfillment or just be exactly as you are in every moment!
STEP 1: You will receive an email as a first contact, with a list of Dates & Times I am available to cuddle. We will set up phone call to discuss our session. A no cost in person session can also be arranged for us to gauge if a session with a Cuddlist is right for you.
STEP 2: To confirm a session and place it on my calendar, I collect a 50% security deposit via Venmo or Paypal.  Once I receive the security deposit, you’ll get a confirmation email that shows your slot on my calendar.  Your session is not confirmed until I receive the security deposit!
STEP 3: I will send you a link to a Client Intake Form for you to fill out, plus logistical details (i.e. where and how we’re meeting).
STEP 4: We will meet for your session!

Full Price: $60 per session
Discounts for: Military Personel, Bodies in Transformation, LGBTQ+, Marginalized Bodies, BIPOC, Disabilities, atypical neuro-diversity spectrum, Trauma Survivors

Out Calls: Same price as above with additional costs for fuel. Details of property and Cuddle Container options need to be discussed in advance.

Covid Safety: I take the health of my family and my clients very seriously. I received both my vaccinations and a booster. I have not yet contracted Covid. Clients may request that I wear wear a mask as well as gloves upon request. If you are experiencing symptoms please postpone your appointment or until you have tested negative.

Resources: Please browse the www.cuddlist.com website as well as these additional resources (any of which can be integrated into our sessions).

My pronouns: He/They
My orientation: I am not seeking dates or a significant other. I am a life partnered divorced dad of 2 teenage boys. Pansexual, Queer, Gender Fluid. I find deep, positive, platonic, emotional connections to contain many if not more of the healing elements that ethical sexuality can express.

What is Platonic?: Its a non-romantic, non-erotic experience with another person or persons. Contrary to deeply ingrained cultural programming – people can enjoy meaningful touch, heartfelt or playful conversation and sharing that is connective without it leading to sex.

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My office space (the Cuddle Container) is pet and smoke free. Parking is free. Entry and exits are ADA compliant.


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