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Session Rate: $60 + Travel fee for out-calls. Sliding scale available.

New Orleans, LA

About Brittney

About Brittney Whitney
I am an energy goddess with a maternal side. I am here to nourish your inner child. Your inner child isn’t just your inner joy, it’s also your inner anger, your inner pain, the part of you that cries out. When you feel yourself overreacting or getting triggered, they’re usually the source. How would you talk to a child about their pain? How would you be tender to them and help them understand it? Treat yourself with the same tenderness. Professional cuddling is a new and differently effective way to achieve connection and profound relaxation. I am a Cuddlist because I know the magic of platonic, caring, physical communion.

Who Sees a Cuddlist?
People of all ages, genders, identities, orientations, abilities and cultural backgrounds.
People in between romantic relationships and want to approach future connections from a place of desire rather than from a place of lack.
There is no “typical” session but here are a few ideas.

Companionship – Want someone to sit and talk with? Maybe while being held?

Time of need – Suffering from pain that some TLC or specific care can help you with? (foot massage, temple rub)

Emotional support – Going through a breakup and just need a shoulder to cry on? When was the last time you’ve been heard?

Help falling asleep – Want someone to play with your hair while you fall asleep? How about falling asleep wrapped in a cocoon of warmth?

Loneliness – Are you surrounded by people, but still feel alone? Traveling through town and want someone to be with?

Energy connection- deep breathing, sustained eye contact, tickles, back rubs or scratches.

Melody-Would you like me to sing a lullaby or listen to a particular song?

Book Reading-Would you like to sing a song or have a book read to you? You can pick the novel or poetry book, or I can bring in my favorites.

Confidence and assertiveness-We can also practice saying no without feeling guilty. To say “no” means that you listen to your body and treat yourself with love and respect.

Couples session-Are you looking to connect with your partner more effectively? Are you in a relationship and thinking “how can I cuddle with a stranger and tell my partner?” I recommend you include your partner, and we do a session all together. I will guide you two through touch that allows you to connect more deeply. You will walk away with tools for clear communication and new ways to touch each other. This new practice will reduce stressful cortisol levels when facing big life events. It will certainly bring you closer and improve the way you two communicate.

Menstrual Pain Healing session-The menstrual cycle is a monthly opportunity for introspection and emotional catharsis. When someone is there to witness the cycle, destigmatize shame, and offer verbal and physical support through touch during the worst of your cramps, the body can relax, release muscles, and feel renewed, rather than the traditional experience of hiding away, downing painkillers, and hoping it will be easier next month.
Commonly Asked Questions

What kinds of things will I feel in a session? It may feel a little awkward at first which is completely normal, as this is new territory and you are trying something different. You will most likely feel vulnerable as you are getting out of your comfort zone, again this is normal. Then as you become present your body will slowly start dropping into relaxation. When a person feels accepted and loved in a safe space, the body has the potential to feel comforted, nourished, soothed, nurtured, calm and refreshed.

What happens if I get aroused? This is a normal and natural way your body may respond to touch. I don’t shame it. Acknowledging the feeling is important. I expect clients to exercise self-control and what you say and/or do is the most important thing. I respectfully ask that you do not encourage, entertain or act on it. Shifting positions, taking a break, stretching and/or talking can all help get back to the calm relaxing feeling.

What does Cuddling look like? There is no right or wrong way to cuddle. If it feels good and it is consensual, mutual touch then there can be as little or as much touch as you like. It can be as simple as holding hands or sitting side by side, to full embracing and body contact, it that feels right. There are many different cuddle poses, but the session is focused on feeling into your body to tap into and discover how it wants to be touched or held.

Start-We’ll begin by having a cup of tea, creating a consensual communication agreement, and flow from there. I encourage light massage, hand holding, and deep breathing to connect in the moment.

End- 10 minutes before the end of the session we will start to transition out of the cuddling. I will invite you to either check in with a feeling, or to share something you have learned in the session, or invite in a sense of appreciation for the time shared. As part of my after care I offer, I will follow up the next day (with your permission), to see how you are and if any insights have come up for you or any feedback for me.

Benefits of Cuddling Session
It can boost your immune system, increase the happy hormone Oxytocin, lower blood pressure and stress levels. A person can feel a richness of connection and of feeling “seen” and “heard”.
Be aware that there is a euphoric feeling that can linger after a session ends. The body is on what is considered a “natural high” due to the nurturing you have received and a visceral sense of connection you will experience from cuddling. Your body is in an altered state with your blood chemistry producing a powerful hormone called oxytocin which acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. In our follow-up call I will check in with you to ensure you are not experiencing an “intimacy hangover.” This should not be alarming but usually occurs when a client has an emotional come down from an oxytocin high.

Other people may notice some positive side effects
People in your life may notice that you look more relaxed and perhaps even look younger.
You could develop a clarity in your interactions like never before.
Communication goes more smoothly when you become more confident about expressing your own needs while respecting the needs of others.

Session information from Brittney

New Client Process
When I receive your Cuddlist request I will invite you to schedule a free fifteen minute video or phone call to get to know a little bit about you, where you are at currently, and what kind of cuddle session you prefer.
calendly.com/cuddleforyounow you can book that today using this link!
I will ask for a copy of your ID for safety and security purposes.
I will ask you to send through a deposit prior to our session. A deposit is 50% of your session fee and is non refundable. This is so I can plan for your chosen session time.

Your Cuddle Agreement:
• No touching with hands on any body part that would be normally be covered by underwear
• No touch on face, or covering face with anything e.g. hair, blankets etc.
• No kissing anywhere
• No body weight completely on top of each other
• No pointy body parts such as knees and elbows pressing into my body
• I prefer chatting face to face so I can focus better, so if you would like to chat during the cuddle session, please let me know so we can adjust position if needed.

What Is Proper Cuddling Attire?
Proper professional cuddling attire are pajamas or light workout clothing (e.i. soft cotton jersey-like material or yoga attire). Professional cuddling attire must be a minimum of a tank top and long shorts. Undergarments alone cannot be worn in lieu of clothing items (i.e. underwear are not shorts and a sports bra is not a tank top). Think COMFY not sexy. Sensual lingerie is not proper professional cuddling attire.
At no time is touching under clothing or saliva exchange permitted.

Where Is The Session Located?

There are two types of sessions each are paid in full at the time the session is scheduled.

1. In Calls- You come to a private address I provide once the session is scheduled. You are asked to be on time and free of substances and strong smells. The cuddle environment is a smoke free zone. There is a private changing area where You can place on cuddle attire once you arrive.

2. Out Calls- I travel to a predetermined location to meet You. Travel fees for out-calls are calculated by time at a rate of $10 for each 30 minutes of travel time ($10 minimum).

The Cuddle room is walking aid but not wheelchair accessible.

Location- Therapy room is located in Uptown, New Orleans on the St. Charles streetcar route.

Parking- There is a free street parking.

Deposit- In order to book a therapy room, I require $15 deposit for each hour booked. The remaining balance is paid by cash at the beginning of the session or online prior the session.
Payments Accepted- Cash, Check, Zelle, Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo

Cancellation policy- There is 72 hours cancellation policy in place. If for any reason you need to cancel the session, please do so more than 72 hours prior the session to avoid charges.

Recording Policy:
Clients should be aware that all sessions are video recorded without sound. A recording policy protects both cuddlist and cuddlee by documenting the legality and industry compliance of session activities and can serve as evidence in the very unlikely case of harm enacted by either party. Videos are locally stored and deleted after 30 days, unless otherwise requested by the client or by law enforcement.

You have a right to your footage. You may request a copy of the recording of your session and it will be shared promptly without fee or any questions asked. Requests must be made within the 30 day period following a session to ensure that the footage is available. In my four years of practice no recording has ever been viewed by a third party, or by myself other than to verify the correct functioning of the recording equipment. I am happy to answer any additional questions you may have about this policy.

Skills & Specialties

Chi energy autism specialist


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