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Calah B

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hr plus travel (if over 30 min travel time)

Dumfries, VA

About Calah B


Hello and welcome cuddle buddy.

In our sessions, you’ll feel the love, care, and acceptance you’ve been needing through platonic touch. In my adolescent years, there were very rare occasions of cuddling and hugs. I was a closed-off and misunderstood child. Any physical form of affection was foreign to me. During these years I experienced depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. When I entered my early adulthood and into a romantic relationship, I allowed cuddling. The closeness, warmth, and feel good energy was something so powerful it cured my depression, I gained confidence, and a new love for myself as well as others. I had once thought it was the person that made me feel good, but when the relationship ended, I came to realize it was the cuddling I missed most. It completely changed my outlook on life. Simple human connection, feeling heard, feeling accepted, being present, and peace are possible without a romantic relationship despite what society thinks. With the benefits cuddling has done for me, I have since wanted to let others experience such a beautiful feeling.

Session information from Calah B

For your cuddle session, I will be completely present with you and create a comfortable safe space of peace, acceptance, openness, and love. Free from judgment, free to express yourself, ask for your desires within the Code of Conduct, relax, be present while feeling cared for and nurtured. I will have a speaker for music, and an aromatherapy humidifier with scents for you to choose from. Once you make a request, I will call to get to know you better and if we fit well we can confirm a time and place to meet. Places to meet can be public, your home, or a rented room. I am doing outcalls with a $30 traveling fee per hour. No travel fee if travel is under 30 minutes.

Payment will be made at the beginning of the session. I accept cash, cashapp, Venmo, and PayPal.

A cancellation fee of $40.00 if canceled within 24hrs of the session.

Skills & Specialties

Active Listening Trauma Informed Emotional Intelligence Cranial Massage


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