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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Dallas, TX

About Caren

Yay! I’m So glad you are here! It’s my honor to share with you the extraordinary gift of authentic connection and nurturing touch through cuddling, for your well-being. I am looking forward to being someone that will not only provide you a loving, healing presence through human connection but also listen to you and hear you without judgment.

I believe that touch and connection are two of the greatest methods of healing the heart and mind. When our needs for touch are being met, we feel nurtured, full, and complete. When we are able to show up complete we are then able to be complete and whole for others. This allows us to foster better relationships in our personal life, as well as or professional life. It’s incredible to think that if we have our physical buckets full we can pour out in abundance to all the other people and areas in our life! Having an efficient amount of touch can make us healthier and wealthier!

When we have what we need we can then exude more confidence in who we are, and see the world with an abundance mindset! Humans desperately need touch and my goal is to provide this need to my clients. Not only do I provide the physical touch, but I use my experience as a massage therapist to really understand what your muscles “need” and my experience as a communication specialist and life coach to create a space of really hearing you. Our sessions will allow you to shed the pressures of the world, and let your body release the “feel good” hormones; including oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. Once these hormones are released feelings of happiness, relaxation, improved mood, and rejuvenation kick in, allowing you to leave feeling deeply relaxed, seen, heard, and comforted. If you allow yourself to, you will be ready to take in the world!

Session information from Caren

I will travel to your location but will bring my own music, candles, and even pillows. We will begin by creating a comfortable, consensual platonic communication agreement. I also encourage and like to empower my clients to ask for what they want and set personal oundaries as well.

Skills & Specialties

Massage Therapy Life and Executive coach Communication and Conflict Management specialist.


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