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Cecelia Catalina Baez

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: 90/hour

Philadelphia, PA | University City (36th & Spring Garden St)

About Cecelia Baez

Hello There… Welcome 🙂

These are strange times right now. 

As I spend my days alone waiting for this to be over… I can’t help but feel how much I miss cuddling and I miss being able to connect with people on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

I’m understanding even more the value of human interaction and having valuable connections. I’m understanding even more the role this plays on mental health and our ability to stay happy, healthy and sane.

I still want to be able to support your personal growth during this quarantine. I feel that even in these times we must continue to work on ourselves and connect with others. To support you on your journey I am offering virtual sessions.

These sessions can be as simple and sweet as creating a space that allows us to be in the present moment and enjoy the company. We can also dive deep and embrace where you may be struggling. As a health coach and an energy therapist I can provide more than just touch therapy.

None the less, this is a space for human connection. This is a space to be heard, to heal, and to grow.


Session information from Cecelia Baez

Please watch the videos for information on booking a physical cuddle session.


Booking A Cuddle Session: https://youtu.be/qhTfInZqdtI

Our 1st Cuddle Session Together: https://youtu.be/bFe8D_-dtZs



Cuddle Sessions:

1-2 hours: 90/hour
3-5 hours: 80/hour
6-8 hours: 75/hour

Outcalls: Pricing is the same (+ 40/hour travel fee)
*Session must be the length of the entire drive*


Tuesday-Thursday: 2pm-8pm

Friday-Saturday: 12pm-6pm

Monday/Sunday: Off


Skills & Specialties

Integrative Health Coach Meditation Practitioner Integrative Energy Therapy (IET) Reiki Practitioner


Let us begin this journey by clicking the "Request a Session" button. I will email you with further information to proceed with the consultation.

When picking a date to book please use this as a guideline for whats upcoming and available.
Week Of 8/2 Availability:

8/4: 4pm-8pm
8/6: 2pm-8pm
8/7: 12pm-6pm
8/8: 12pm-6pm

Week Of 8/10 Availability:

8/13: 2pm-8pm
8/14: 12pm-6pm
8/15: 12pm-6pm

*I will update this as frequently as possible*

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