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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: CAD$100/hour

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

About Cecile L


When I started to join Montréal cuddles parties, I was a world away to imagine the whole new realm of shifts and transformation I will be experiencing. It was and still is the most beautiful gift I offered myself. As a massage therapist, I’m a natural giver, and don’t get me wrong, I receive a lot from giving. I believe it’s one and the same energy flow when we truly allows it to nourish us. And as it changed my life for the best, I feel my time has come to share this gift with you.

Having the opportunity to be in service for you in this tender, affectionate primary need that warm hearts and feet is an honour.

Thanks for your trust. I’m looking forward our encounter.

Session information from Cecile L

I’ll welcome you in my beautiful apartment 8 minutes from Jarry Subway Station and on the bicycle path. Parking is easily available in my street may you prefer to drive.

This space and time is for you and I encourage to ask me for what you need. I’m here in service and happy to adjust together to what feel best, may it be standing up hugging, sitting down, spooning, holding each other back and swinging, listening to you, going for a walk in the park and holding each other arms / hands, etc… to name a few

We’ll start our session by agreeing that we both speak up if there is something uncomfortable so we can adjust and optimize. Then we will flow with what is here, in this moment, in this present, in the now, where there is now-here to go than be.

Music will be with you and I gladly take your preferences. I made a few cozy playlists myself for our journey.

As I’m sensitive to smell, currently growing a baby, I would appreciate you wearing very light fragrances or ideally not at all.

10 min before the end of our session, I’ll set a clock so we can have a smooth transition.

Payments can be made cash, interac transfert or Paypal.
Please let me know in advance if you need to reschedule in a matter of respect.

Our sessions will be client led, platonic and consent based. That create the safe container for transformation and healing.

” We are all beads strung together on the same thread of love. ” – Amma

Skills & Specialties

Esalen massage therapist Reiki level 2


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