Professional cuddlist Chris H, Lowell MA
Professional cuddlist Chris H, Lowell MA
Professional cuddlist Chris H, Lowell MA
Professional cuddlist Chris H, Lowell MA
Professional cuddlist Chris H, Lowell MA

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Chris H.

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour

Lowell, MA

About Chris H.


I’m glad you’re here! If you’re new, welcome to the world of professional cuddling. As a long-time devotee of bodily autonomy, affirmative models of consent, and healthy boundaries, I’m pleased and honored to be able to help people with their cuddling goals as a professional cuddler.

Are you simply looking to relax, de-stress, and feel a sense of peace and comfort? I love that and I’m here for you. Or perhaps you’re feeling anxious, lonely, or just in the mood for some extra cuddling? I’m here for you too to provide a safe, comfortable and judgment free zone where you can unwind and connect with a fellow warmhearted human. I’m also trauma aware and delighted to help you with specific therapeutic goals you may have.

At an annual week-long summer camp for adults that I help organize, I train folks on how to properly obtain affirmative consent before interacting with their fellow campers. I’m also a graduate of Snuggle School offered annually by Sam, a Certified Cuddlist in Woburn, MA.

I attended engineering school and I have a degree in environmental studies. I endeavor to be actively anti-sexist, anti-racist, and anti-ableist. Additional personal interests include camping, bicycling, computer programming, human factors in design, the five love languages, effective communication, learning how to have excellent interpersonal relationships, electrical wiring, all things Star Trek, and the MBTI (I’m an INFP.) I’m a definite cat person. (My cat’s favorite love language is gifts of food!)

My father recently observed that I am the only man he knows who doesn’t let go of a hug with him until he does first. One of my goals is to inspire more men to give long, warm, loving hugs.

Session information from Chris H.

To become a client, I’ll ask you to follow an online process at that will affirm your understanding of the Code of Conduct, allow you to share information about what you’re looking for, and schedule a time for us to connect via Zoom, phone call, or in person at a coffee shop in Lowell, MA. After we have a favorable meeting and answer any mutual questions, you’ll be welcome to sign up for a session with me.

I’ll travel to see you up to 100 miles from Lowell, MA. In lieu of travel fees I require a minimum session time that increases the farther I travel. Travel to a location within 20 miles of Lowell has a one hour / $100 minimum. Travel within 40 miles has a two hour / $200 minimum, and so on.

Within the railings of the Code of Conduct (all cuddling is clothed and platonic), I welcome you to choose your own adventure! My goal is to facilitate the nourishment of your soul within the therapeutic, judgement-free environment that this healing, restorative modality allows for. The session is for you, so let’s explore your particular needs and wants and allow them to emerge to the forefront.

Please keep in mind that our goal is not necessarily to maximize touch, but rather to create a fulfilling experience, whatever that looks like for you. It could involve a little touch, a lot of touch, or no touch at all. It could involve simple relaxation, and it could involve delving into a deeper conversation about whatever you’re curious about or working on for yourself.

I look forward to celebrating your divine humanness with you! If we work together or not, I wish you well!

To get the most out of what you are looking for from your session, please review the Code of Conduct and view some Cuddlist videos.

Skills & Specialties

Trauma InformedConsent Trainer (including working on saying no when you haven't previously felt safe to say no)Non-Violent Communication (NVC)Active ListeningUnconscious Bias AwarenessRestorative Justice Circles / Community Circle facilitator


I'm often available on Sundays and weeknights after 4pm. Enrolled clients have access to online scheduling.

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