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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + travel fees for outcalls

Brooklyn, NY

About CJ

I believe in helping validate the voice and presence of those constantly muted and forced to invisible, un-thanked, roles in society. Having deeply painful experiences of emotional abuse, abandonment, and trauma has led me to experientially understand why physical, human connection is vital. My experience has also led me to believe that no-one deserves to be deprived of compassionate,validating, understanding platonic touch. Particularly in today’s time when trauma and triggers are being faced-down with callous insensitivity, there is a deep, resounding need for this connection as we are being led to question so much about our neighbors’ humanity and the value of our own voice.

In my sessions, I strive to work to empathetically listen and deepen my understanding and connection with my clients so they leave feeling validated and empowered, developing a deep sense of self-trust as they bloom in their ability to honor themselves and their boundaries. In each session with my clients, their goals for themselves are what I seek to honor and build towards.

Having each and every one of my clients re-enter their lives feeling more connected to their inherent value and self-worth, is my deepest wish. Cuddling has aided me so much in reconnecting with my power in self-validation and feeling more connected within and without, leading me to feel no need to bar the exit for people in my life who choose and/or need to go. Particularly I can now let go of those who were toxic; which can prove hardest since the taste of toxins can be addictive. I help hurt people not pass on their hurt to others.

I especially am excited as a qwoc to bring this into qtpoc community here in New York.

I would like to close by extending my applause (like you need it) for taking this action step in your journey of honouring yourself. Even if you decide I may not be a fit for you, I send you good vibes that will lead you to your best cuddle-buddy. 🙂

Session information from CJ

After requesting a booking from me, prior to our session, we will have a free 15-25 minute video or phone info-session to get to know a little bit about you and your reasons for reaching out for a Cuddlist. This conversation helps me to understand your needs and prepare myself for a session with you. For instance, I highly recommend utilizing the info-session as an opportunity to bring up any specific, important needs which you would like me to take into consideration (whether they be physical, olfactive, allergic,etc).

Please, keep in mind that I live with a short-haired cat, for those who may be allergic.

I usually like to begin session with 3-5 deep breaths (no breaths are also an option, lol). Just to bring us into the room and session together. Afterwards we’ll touch base with the Code of Conduct and affirm agreement to uphold it as well as promise to not tolerate anything we’re uncomfortable with. Then, we may do some more deep breathing. I’ll recommend taking this time to allow your mind to wander and consider the first position/pose you’d like to begin our session.

Important to note: There is no wrong way to begin a session. Anything from sitting and holding hands in silence and solitude to laughing it up (I love to laugh, lol), or falling asleep are all fair game; as long as you are honoring your body and boundaries.

Sessions with me run the standard hour with a alarm alerting us to the last 10 minutes. This gives us enough time to do any final poses/cuddles you on your mind; as well as allowing us to check in with each other about favorite poses, lessons learned, discoveries you would like to share, etc.

To conclude our time together, I’ll share a hug at the door- who said hugging’s off limits after a sesh?! :p

Skills & Specialties

Experience with Alexander Alignment Technique meditation yoga pilates massage


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