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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

Denver, CO

About Corwin

My mission is to help you relax and feel safe.

Cuddling can be anything from talking to hugging to a massage to simply breathing together, the only limit is our creativity.

I will accept you exactly as you are, and help you explore how you would like receive physical touch. I will be sensitive to any concerns you have and respect your boundaries completely.

I understand that touch built on trust is the primary way to express and receive love for some people, on top of the many benefits research has shown we receive from physical contact. I will provide a safe place for you to explore platonic physical touch with no pressure.

I will do my best to make our session everything you are looking for, while respecting my own boundaries. That could be simply sitting together, talking, a gentle massage, breathing together, lying down and cuddling, or whatever else helps you relax and feel safe.

Session information from Corwin

I am happy to host you in my apartment, or to travel to you. I have a couch to cuddle on and a space to cuddle lying down. I am happy to provide music, or I welcome you to bring your own. I have no pets.

We will begin the session by discussing our boundaries, comfort levels, and preferences for the session, to ensure that the session is comfortable for you. I will offer to coach you through expressing your needs, which will build our trust in communication with each other. I will maintain ongoing communication around your comfort levels, and will create space for you to let me know if your comfort changes.

After we have established a level of comfort, we will move on to finding the perfect way to cuddle for you. Some of the things I ask all my clients about are: what they are hoping will happen in our session, how I can help them feel comfortable, and whether there is anything they would like to avoid.

I live near Cheeseman Park, south of downtown Denver. Parking is easy during the day, and is more difficult in the late evening.

Before we begin a session, we will have an initial consultation where I will explain the session to you and answer your questions, either in person or by phone. If we have not met face to face before the session we will meet outside of space we plan to cuddle in to introduce ourselves before going inside.

At this time I am able to accept cash, personal checks, and PayPal. Payment is due at the beginning of the session. I prefer that you do not tip.

Skills & Specialties

Active listening Counseling Coaching Massage Creating a safe and judgement free space Trauma-informed care CPR


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