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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Los Angeles, CA | Highland Park

About Amanda

Hello there! I’m Amanda, but you can call me AmTan. I firmly believe that everyone needs and deserves love and comfort; to be seen, understood, and accepted; to feel connected to others, and to feel the reassurance of another human’s touch. Though we are all unique beings, we are all the same on the inside, and we all want the same thing- to be loved. I’m here for you and I’d be more than honored to extend my (purely platonic) love to you.
I am new to Cuddlist, but not new to platonic love and affection. I specialize in conversation, listening, hand holding, hand massages, scalp massages, neck and shoulder massages, sustained eye contact, and cuddling of all sorts. My joy is to bring you comfort and to relieve your stress, to help you feel welcomed and accepted by building a meaningful connection between us through loving acceptance and reassuring, platonic human touch.

Session information from Amanda

Please kindly shower before your session and strictly adhere to the Cuddlist code of conduct. I conduct my sessions on the large, fold down euro lounger couch in my studio apartment. Blinds may be closed for privacy or open for daylight. Candles and an app that plays continuous pouring rain as background white noise are available options. We begin by creating a comfortable consensual verbal agreement and allow individual preferences to guide us from there. Each session is unique, and I encourage my clients to identify and speak their wants and needs as a practice of self growth, communication, and acceptance. I assure you this is a judgement free zone :). Street parking is plenty and free, but you may need to walk a block or so depending on the time of day.

Skills & Specialties

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