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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + travel fees for outcalls

New York, NY : Queens

About Daisy

“Lighthouses don’t run all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining!”
~Anne Lamott
This quote explains my most authentic, giving self. I am a lighthouse for those that are in need of physical platonic touch, a willing ear, and an open heart.

I have always been a spiritually receptive soul, an empath. I serve to help others along a path to clear and positive energy and a healthier state of being. Through the power of trusted healing touch, I seek to provide nothing short of spiritual/energy dialysis. With me, you have a choice and a voice in your most basic human need. I am living proof that our emotions, without a safe environment to feel physical touch, heal, be heard and feel acknowledged, can manifest negatively in physical form. I have discovered through my own journey, that 86% of most illness results from the seed of emotional upheaval. That doesn’t mean that the illness isn’t real, but simply that if we heal what matters to us most, our bodies can fight harder and more effectively! Healing trusted touch can help!

Session information from Daisy

I like to speak via phone or video chat with all new clients prior to our meeting. This brief chat gives us a mutual opportunity to gauge initial comfort, review the Code of Conduct, and discuss the expectations you hope to get from our session. I am available for out-calls only in NYC/NJ/LI area in a variety of locations. Some suggestions include your residence, hospice, nursing home, hotel, the park, or even the movies. Established clients may request extended sessions, and a discounted rate would apply after the initial two hours. A travel fee would need to be negotiated for all calls that are not easily accessible by rail/subway, require an extended commute, or a drive of more than 2 miles.

Skills & Specialties

Empathy Active Listening Amateur Massage Coaching - Peer Counseling Coffee Table Therapy Phone Coaching Platonic companionship particularly with regard to the elderly disabled and those nearing their passing Military Support


By appointment only.