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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hr

Northampton MA

About Danielle

(Pronoun: She/Her)

After diving into the world of ecstatic dance, contact improv, yoga, and meditation, I have come back home to my body and its innate wisdom. It has led me on a transformative healing journey and ignited a deep desire to learn how to facilitate others’ healing through authentic relating practices and therapeutic touch, particularly through professional cuddling and Thai massage. I have now been offering professional cuddling to the western Mass community for three years, and I am still consistently astonished at the power of this work to completely transform my clients. Loving attention and touch are potent medicines which seem to reveal and unravel a person’s blocks to authenticity and intimacy.

I believe everyone deserves to feel loved. Feeling connected to other humans is essential for happiness; loving touch is a human need. When we feel connected, when we feel loved and understood, supported and lovable, we’re able to share our truest selves with the world, to confidently express ourselves, to show up in our power. But why cuddle with a stranger? Why share nonsexual touch?

Cuddling with a stranger is a fascinating, eye-opening, heart-expanding experience. No matter your gender, history, ethnicity, no matter what you look like or what stories you share with me, I will listen to you with an open mind. I will hold space for your process with an open heart. Simply because you are human, I know there is good in you, and I believe you are deserving of love.

I draw on my experience with consent culture, nonviolent communication, yoga, contact improv, somatic meditation, and massage to create a relaxing and deeply nourishing experience in our cuddling session. We’ll have fun practicing asking for what we really, really want in a safe space where we agree to absolutely, at all times, respect each other’s boundaries. Learning how to listen and follow my gut-feeling “hell yes!” or “no” in sharing personal space has radically changed every area of my life, and I hope that practicing it in our cuddle session will send positive ripples through your own life.


“Danielle creates sacred space for profound energy work and healing through the sharing of mutually respectful, sensitive, and discerning physical touch, inviting an exquisitely attuned collaboration between cuddlist and client. Her professionalism is impeccable, and she is thoroughly trained in a variety of somatic practices. Moreover, she enhances the sessions through her personal qualities of attentiveness, consideration, groundedness, adaptability, lightheartedness, and clarity. She’s adept at facilitating communication of needs and boundaries, she listens carefully, and she radiates integrity, establishing an atmosphere of comfort, candor, and trust. Working with Danielle is a joy. For me the work is soulful and therapeutic; each session feels like a homecoming. I’m grateful for it.” – Kanji, weekly client

“That session is one of the most overwhelmingly positive experiences I’ve ever had. It isn’t often that I feel so safe, comfortable, peaceful, content, and above all connected.” – Justin, Repeat client

“My expectations were exceeded during our session! I GREATLY appreciate your patience with me and your constant efforts to make me feel at ease and relaxed in your company. I truly let my guard down with you which allowed me to feel comforts and emotions I was so desperately seeking to know again.” – Dan R., Repeat client

A recent article published in The Daily Hampshire Gazette gives you a look into the story of a client who bravely shared about the growth and healing they’ve experienced in our sessions: http://www.gazettenet.com/cuddlist-14015267

Session information from Danielle

All sessions take place at my private massage office (which is now accessible for wheelchair-users!). If you’re okay with scents and sounds, I’ll smudge the space, and play light music in the background. We’ll discuss consent, needs, and intentions, and perhaps begin with a short meditation to arrive fully in our bodies and relax into present moment awareness. Once we’re grounded into the healing space and clear communication, we can easefully float into snuggle heaven on my big cozy futon!

Clients will agree to showering twelve hours before a session and bring a change of clean, comfy clothes (at minimum, shorts and a t-shirt. Think pajamas!). I request that you please wear absolutely no cologne or strong scents.

Skills & Specialties

Thai Massage Authentic Relating practices Co-counseling Nonviolent Communication Non-dual meditation and self-inquiry Contact Improvisation Byron Katie's The Work


Available Tuesdays 5-9pm and Saturdays 10-5pm
No same-day bookings with new clients.
Rarely available on short notice.

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