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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hr

Toronto, Ontario

About Darren

Hi, I’m Darren in midtown Toronto. I am a relaxed and friendly guy who grew up in New Brunswick. I have a passion for meeting new people and having cultural experiences which has led me to a life of some variety. My warmth and curiosity to know you will put you at ease very quickly.

I have always loved to cuddle. The feeling of wholeness that sweeps over you when sharing compassionate touch is hard to compare. We are wired for connection. In today’s modern world where many of us live alone and where separateness and individuality has become prevalent it is healing and rejuvenating to recharge by sharing connection with each other.

I was drawn to look for cuddles myself when the end of an intense romantic relationship left me feeling alone and in distress. I was overwhelmed with the need to share meaningful touch again, it hurt so much. I attended a Cuddle Party and from that I was able to know that I would be okay. Sharing cuddles became a large part of my break-up recovery and my journey ever since. It is a lovely experience to share with others and an important part of my own self-care.

Conversation flows easily and meaningfully during cuddle sessions as we experience touch connection, but silence is completely welcome as well. There is no pressure to do anything but just be. Sometimes we just need to hold and be held to let life’s pressures disappear for a little while. You don’t need to feel alone in your journey, I am ready to take your hand.

Session information from Darren

I like to start our session with a warm hug, if that’s good with you, and from there my time is yours within the code of conduct which I will reinforce so that we are both completely at ease.

I share my space on the seventeenth floor with a sweet girl, a thirteen-year-old pug who I inherited from my father in 2017. She is unobtrusive and can be in a different room but if you are allergic this might not be a good situation for you.

I enjoy sharing gentle music during cuddle sessions; I can share some favourites or I am happy to key in anything you would like to hear, or if you prefer silence that is totally welcome too. I can control the air conditioning for comfort. This is a safe space for you to ask for what you want and to feel whatever emotions come up for you with no judgement. Through connection with others in a nurturing way we often connect more to ourselves.

For a first session I can meet you twenty minutes early by Yonge and Eglington Station which is a 5-minute walk, or we can meet in my lobby. If you are driving, street parking may be found nearby although this can be more difficult during dinner hours when the restaurants are busy. There is paid parking nearby that is reasonable by Toronto standards. Once you have booked a session, I will send you an email with more details describing how a session generally goes so you can feel confident and secure.

If you have been drawn to read this and even if you’re not sure why, I encourage you to give this a try. For around the same price as a massage you may discover that platonic cuddling can be a comforting and rewarding part of your journey. All races, genders, ages, sizes and orientations are completely welcome. I look forward to meeting you.


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