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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Kelowna, BC, CANADA

About Demi

Demi is empathic and self-aware. She is non-judgmental, wide-open minded and wants everyone she’s in contact with to just be their truest selves; whatever that means to them. Known for taking care of her friends and loved ones, she is thankful you’ve considered her to take care of you, too.

The lack of platonic touch in society makes us feel it’s inappropriate to ask for touch. Something as simple as a twenty second hug can change your look out on your day! We need to be hugged and cuddled and squeezed to feel self love and affirmation. By choosing Demi as your Cuddle Therapist, you can feel safe knowing you can be yourself with her. She wants to help you build your self confidence and love through the magic that is platonic touch.

Session information from Demi

At this time, my sessions are out-going only.
Session requests outside Kelowna City Limits will require +$$
travel fees dependent on how far out*
I want platonic touch therapy to be accessible to everyone. Please have a conversation with me about discounted rates

After you submit your request, we will chat briefly through email to make sure you understand my services and that our schedules sync and to get to know you as a human. If that’s all good, from there we will book our session.

Once at your place of choice, we will get the Housekeeping out of the way (opening agreement, payment, boundaries and consent) and then when you are ready, we will start Your Cuddling Session Your Way. At our twelve minutes left I will let you know our time is ending soon and ask how you would like to transition out.

Please note, I am mildly allergic to dogs, if there are dogs in the space please inform me so I can prepare accordingly.

Skills & Specialties

empathy non-judgmental open minded friendly ally "mom friend"


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