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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Los Angeles, CA

About DeShawn

Hello beautiful people!

I completely believe in the power of healing by platonic touch and positive vibrations. We often, unconsciously allow our bodies to run in a chaotic state.

This causes countless problems in our lives. But through the power of touch, we together create a nuclear explosion of positive energy that allows one to build confidence internally.

Los Angeles County is a fast city that sometimes gives the illusion that time for simple touch has no place in our life.

However, the techniques I share, shed light on our NEED for the simplistic, yet impactful experience that touch brings. Let us start a journey together that will allow you to feel secure, and renewed!

Session information from DeShawn

I have found it beneficial to use the couch in the living room while in our sessions. Wave sounds are soothing to the ears and helps to build a relaxing atmosphere.

I would like to begin with confirming our understanding of the session with our level of comfort, and verbal communication exercise that will ensure we are both in agreement on how the session should go.

Through “Cuddling” we embark on a journey that brings light to some areas that may have been neglected. We change our vibration to calm serenity.

Skills & Specialties

Life coaching


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