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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

Leander, TX

About Doe

Hi! My name is Doe, and I want to cuddle with you! Originally from Philadelphia, PA, I moved to Oregon in 2012 and fell in love with its beauty and people!

I have worked as a caregiver for most of my life and have found touch therapy to be one of the most life changing therapies one could participate in, so I decided that I would take up the training and become a Trained Professional Cuddlist, or as I jokingly refer to it as an Oxytocin Dealer! Re-connection with platonic human touch has changed my life in so many positive ways, and I hope to help you too!

Session information from Doe

First, let me assure you that with any first appointment or session, be it with a doctor, counselor, therapist or whatever, it can start out awkward. I get it. We aren’t sure what to expect, we are sometimes embarrassed that we actually need help, or maybe we are shy around people we don’t know. I can assure you that when coming to me for a session you will be treated with the utmost non-judgmental respect and compassion, and I will do everything I am able to help you relax and feel comfortable with our time together. It is my goal to send you out into the world full of love and self-worth, feeling good about the person you are!

For safety purposes, I will need proof of ID, and will be sending the information of your name and the address of where we are meeting to a trusted partner who will know if I don’t check in with them at the time I let them know the session is over, that they are to check in on me. This individual will only use this information if I cannot be reached after our session time is complete. Your confidentiality is very important to me. If we should see each other in public, I will not greet you unless you greet me first.

We will start off with a greeting of your choice! Everything we do will be your choice! Would you like a hug? Maybe a handshake? A fist-bump? Can I hold your hand while I walk you in/I walk in? Then let’s get comfortable with the surroundings. I have some paperwork for you to read over and sign at that point, and we can deal with payment too, so we don’t have to worry about that during our session. After that, we would get changed into our clean freshly laundered cuddle clothing, which would consist of at least a tank top or t-shirt, and comfy pants, pajamas or shorts at least to just above the knees (No dresses or night gowns, nor bare chests), and clean socks. Once we are both changed, we can sit down and discuss the Code of Conduct, and make sure we both promise to let each other know if something we are doing isn’t comfortable in any way, or if there is something we do or don’t want to do. This is very important, as we need to establish this trust before we can move forward.

Once we have discussed all these things, we can move on to how you would like to be touched! Would you like to start by sitting close, side by side? Back to back? Try holding hands? How about a big, long bear huge? Would you like to rest your head on my lap? Would spooning be ok? We can have music playing, watch a movie while I hold you, or maybe have some fun, friendly conversation. Maybe you’d like to tell me about your day, commiserate about something that’s bothering you, or perhaps you would just like to sit in silence as I rub your back. This is your session; you get to lead! Let me know what you need!

I will have a 10-minute warning alarm on my phone so that we can take the last tent minutes and slowly come back from our oxytocin rush. Sometimes we can talk about how we feel or felt during the session, maybe we can uncuddled and just hold hands… or you might want to just hold on real tight for the last 10 minutes… this is all, again, your choice! Once the time is up, I will offer you a big hug, hand shake, or whatever you prefer as a departing gesture. If you’d like to make another appointment then, we can do that! I will be checking in with you in about a day to see how you feel, and ask what you liked, didn’t like as much, and what you might like to try in another session, if you would like to do another session!

Payment is $80/hr and can be paid via Paypal or cash. Veterans get a $10 discount! Tips are also gladly accepted! Travel fees will apply to driving distances more that 20 miles from my residence and will be discussed at time of scheduling. No appointment will be made same day for any first-time clients. Please give at least 24 hrs notice if you need to cancel an appointment. My schedule is important to me, I have put aside time for you that someone else might have needed, so please be considerate! If you should cancel with less than 24hrs, you will be responsible for 50% of payment. Once the session starts, no refund will be given.

At this time, I will only be doing Outcalls as I am working on securing a studio to do Incall visits!

Check out my website to learn more! www.DoeCuddleTherapy.com I hope to cuddle you soon!

Skills & Specialties

LPN Empathetic listener Post Partem Maternity Gentle caress


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