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Dr. Oskar Jac

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hr within 30 minute drive from Coney Island, Brooklyn (outside 30 minute drive travel time and expenses will apply). $100/hr plus travel time and expenses in New Jersey (must book > 2 hrs). $200/hr plus travel time and expenses in Manhattan (must book > 2hrs).

Brooklyn, NY/New Jersey/Staten Island

About Oskar Jacunski

Oskar Jacunski always had a passion to help people and improve their lives. Therefore, he decided to become a Registered Nurse. The profession focuses on caring, hands-on, personalized care, allowing him to give each patient optimal care. While working as a Registered Nurse, Oskar believed that addressing only the physical and mental aspects of one’s being was insufficient. He began studying quantum physics and stumbled upon concepts such as distance healing, consciousness, and the energetic body.

The search for addressing the energetic aspect of the human body led him to discover the healing art of Reiki. Energy healing through Reiki involves channeling universal life force energy through the practitioner to clear energetic blockages and enhance chakra function – thus leading to emotional, physical, and energetic healing. In March 2021, Oskar Jacunski graduated Quantum University with a Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine, Doctorate of Humanitarian Services, and became certified as a Quantum Health Coach. At this point, Dr. Oskar Jacunski plans to integrate his diverse knowledge of reality and quantum healing into the ULTIMATE CUDDLING EXPERIENCE!

What does a cuddling session with “Dr. Jac” entail?

Prior to meeting in person, we will schedule a quick video call via Zoom or Facebook Messenger, or talk over the phone if the video option is not possible. Based on your preference, he can travel to your home (travel time, tolls, gas expenses will have to be covered by the client) or you can come into his home in Staten Island, New York. Travel time and gas expenses may be waived if the client lives within 15 minutes of Dr. Jac. If you decide to come to his apartment, the cuddling session will take place in the living room. The living room is very spacious and clean. We can watch television or listen to music while the session is taking place. Extra pillows and a weighted blanket are available upon request. If you are feeling nervous I can guide you into a meditative state when we can relax into our body and begin with physical touch whenever you are ready. Whether the session is awkward or weird I’m here to ensure we are both comfortable and have a great time bonding. Feel free to pick my brain in the process!

Session information from Oskar Jacunski

You may schedule a home visit anywhere in Brooklyn, Staten Island, or New Jersey (client will pay for travel time, gas, and tolls). These fees will be waived for clients who live within a 15-minute radius from Dr. Jac.

Skills & Specialties

Doctor of Integrative Medicine Doctor of Humanitarian Services Reiki Master Health Coach


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