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Dr Lanae

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

Fremont, CA / San Jose, CA / Menlo Park, CA

About Dr Lanae


I love to share cuddles with people who want and need comfort. I believe our culture is very touch starved as a general rule. Connection helps us to reduce our stress hormones, feel love and acceptance, and foster feelings of worth (which are critical for us all to hear and know).

I have lots of education in the field of human sexuality. While these sessions are platonic (clothes stay on at all times, no kissing or orgasms, etc.), the skills one learns and practices in a Cuddle Session are ones you can use in your interpersonal relationships outside the cuddle experience.

Who typically comes to work with me?

People who have gone through a break up and they’re feeling tender,
… who travels a lot for work,
… who chooses to be single but wants to feel connected,
… who has gone through a recent divorce,
… who wants practice asking for what they want,
… who doesn’t get love and attention in their marriage or they’ve been in a loveless marriage.
And those who want to experience warm, motherly acceptance. Let’s work together!

I can be like a surrogate mother to you, holding you with a warm “mom” energy. You’ll feel heard, hugged, accepted, worthy, and loved. How amazing will that be to then take that out into the world absorbed into your bones? Plus you’ll also learn how to ask for the cuddles you want. Imagine how confident that will make you feel in the real world! Pretty cool.

I’d love the opportunity to guide you through these life lessons.

If you are a seasoned Cuddler/already have experience with Cuddlist.com and want to try something more like “real life,” I’m available for scheduling sessions to cuddle while watching movies, as schedule permits.

Session information from Dr Lanae

I conduct my sessions on a combination couch/sectional in a spacious living room. I typically play the music of Tibetan singing bowls softly in the background. We don’t have any pets here.

There is plenty of safe parking available off-street. If you’d like to take the BART, the closest station is the Fremont station. Lyft from there is 10 minutes and about $8.50 each way.

Notice: the next step with Cuddlist is to fill out the form by clicking the blue “request a session” button to the left. It begins a manual entry process via typeform that forwards to me via gmail; I cannot guarantee it gets the email to me promptly. If you want an immediate response, please complete the short form at this link instead: https://hello.dubsado.com/public/form/view/5cd1b7f8947e8c15ed1ffccf

Skills & Specialties

Mother Doctorate in Human Sexuality Educator Former Professor Personal Coach Trained in the Somatica Method and Trained Cuddle Party Facilitator.


Request a session for availability. Complete the form completely, please. Also, do NOT request same day appointments if we have not yet worked together. I do NOT fulfill same day bookings for new Cuddlist clients.

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