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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80 per hour. $120 for ninety minutes. $160 for 2 hours. Treat yourself to a nurturing, de-stressing cuddle session designed around your unique needs. IN SESSIONS ONLY at my place.

Chicago, IL

About Dwight

“You have the inalienable right to hold someone and to be held in return.” Said Dwight the Cuddlist.

Now more than ever, we are craving connection. The pandemic has socially and physically distanced. Time to reconnect, to come together, to embrace. My sessions are nurturing, platonic, energizing.  To book a session, we start with a brief phone chat to get a sense of each other. Or we can zoom.  I can provide a Cuddle Menu of positions if you wish. I think I’m one of the few Cuddlists who do this.

1. SPOONING — little or big spoon
2. FACE TO FACE — with legs entwined, so cozy!
3. HEAD ON CHEST — listen to the heartbeat
4. PLANKING — one’s body weight upon the other’s, full body contact
5. THE MOTORCYCLE — with my back against a wall, you lean back against me as I encircle you in my arms

Most people know spooning and face to face cuddling and spooning. But different positions are soothing in different ways! You’re welcome to be adventurous.  Though I am a gay man with mostly male clients, I am also open to cuddling with women, especially those dealing with anxiety, isolation, depression, toxic masculinity. IN-SESSIONS ONLY at my place. Please allow at least a few day’s notice. No same day or next day sessions please.

We will aim for a session of 1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours. I encourage folks to book for two or three more sessions for continuity of care.  I love platonic touch. An encircling hug, holding hands, a calming cuddle. Nothing is more amazing to me than the comfort of lying beside someone and breathing together. I have always been drawn to wellness. Back in the day I participated in encounter groups, went to a shyness clinic when I was struggling with social phobia. Pre-payment accepted by Zelle. Or Paypal.


My clients are wonderful, brave and pro-active about getting their needs meet. I have a mission for working with those who identify as male. Past clients’ ages range from 20 to 70, of all ethnicities. They are single, partnered, divorced, widowed; male and female, gender-fluid. They are of various orientations or they may be asexual. They include college students, businessmen, psychiatrists, social workers, husbands, wives. Sometimes they cuddle with me to try to resolve a particular challenge or problem. I’ve cuddled with married men exploring their feelings for men.  Sometimes people just miss the fun and affection of cuddling with another human, lying side by side and staring at the ceiling, breathing in sync with someone as they spoon. Why should partnered people have all the fun?

There was the mother who takes care of her young child suddenly realizing she needs to be taken care of also.  A gay man who has tried the bars, online dating, clubs — hasn’t cuddled anyone affectionately for years.  A woman who works in research is trying to get over the death of a close friend.  A questioning man who’s been happily married for decades to a woman books a session, tells me I am the first man he has ever cuddled in his life.

We love to be cuddled as babies.  Just because we grew up doesn’t mean we outgrew the need for cuddling. Take a leap of faith.  Yeah, cuddling sounds a little crazy. But it’s crazy good too.  Covid Protocol:  I am fully vaccinated and boostered.


In my hugging and cuddling, I strive to express unconditional love and empathy for all people, and to give my partner my attention and my engagement. If you’re not sure you’re ready to book a cuddle session just yet, feel free to ask me a question or two.  Press “Request a Session.” I look forward to answering! Or just take a leap of faith and make a booking with me.


Cuddle Reviews

“Being in my early twenties and dealing with a mental health challenge, I was a bit nervous about interacting other gay men. But after cuddling with Dwight, I realized how much physical touch and intimacy were missing from my life. My first session with him was transformative and empowering. Because of this experience, I finally gained the confidence to put myself out there and meet people. I’m grateful for the comforting and calming atmosphere that Dwight provides — and just booked my next session!” Ibrahim, Graduate Student


“Wow, the time I spent cuddling with Dwight was amazing. Dwight was so wonderful in making me feel comfortable, welcomed and cared for throughout the entire cuddle session. He has an awesome tender touch that is a deep fulfilling connection between us. The time flew by so quickly, seemed like we just started. It’s been my goal for the past year to meet Dwight for a cuddle session. I live in Green Bay, WI, and well the 3.5 hours of travel to Cuddle with Dwight. I’m planning on booking another cuddle session again soon. Dwight is a peaceful, gentle and kind person, someone I’m glad to have had the opportunity to cuddle with.”    Doug


“I am a single mom raising a child.  Sometimes I just need more me time.  Dwight was a good listener and made me feel very comfortable. Cuddling with him was fun.”     Laura, Single Mom & Creative Artist  


“He was wonderful and just the right person for my introduction to cuddling.  I felt so comfortable with him.  He was very caring and respectful.  I felt like I was spending time with a long-time friend. What can I say? I love cuddling with the guy.”     Joe, Questioning Husband & Repeat Cuddlist Client


“I used to have a partner but no longer, and I haven’t dated in years.  I just missed holding someone and being held! Dwight provided me just the comfort I was seeking. And he’s a good listener.”     Roy, Single Gay Man seeking platonic affection 


Session information from Dwight

We can cuddle on either the futon or the bed, whichever you prefer. Optional amenities:  Soothing music can play from various playlists (from gentle alternative pop to Gregorian chants, etc). A long embrace, spooning, face to face, head on chest, just breathing together side by side, holding hands, talking, not talking, laughing.  Or you can read a book or watch TV — while I simply hold you. All these things are options.

I’m interested in how we humans can find better ways to get our intimacy needs met. We live in a stressed-out, plugged in world. As a cuddler, I hope to pave the way for a more inhabitable, cozy world by using whatever abilities I have. Our time together can be an oasis from the noise and worry of the everyday world.

Cuddle Options.  

One Hour — $80

90 Minutes — $120

Two Hours — $160

* Think of therapeutic cuddling as an ongoing journey. For best results, I recommend booking 2-3 sessions.

CANCELLATION FEE:  When I book with a client, I prepare my mind spiritually and my cuddle space physically for the person. So if you need to cancel, please give 24 hours notice. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior, you are expected to pay 50% of the fee.

To meet me via a brief video introduction, go here…  https://dwightcuddles.weebly.com/

Skills & Specialties

Good listening skills conversing skills empathy a sense of humor optimism informed by a view of the universe as a welcoming place.


Contact for best days and times. Please book in advance. I don't do same-day booking or out calls. Please be available for an introductory phone chat or zoom.

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