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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour - Currently only offering virtual sessions at 25% off

Currently Exclusively Virtual - Normally New York City and Kansas City

About Ethan

VIRTUAL SESSIONS NOW BEING OFFERED: Free 15-minute Consultation + 25% off hourly rate

Are you feeling connected during quarantine? Does intimacy feel far away and unattainable right now? Are you feeling alone or cramped in a house with too many people and no time for just you? Are you wanting to work on better ways to connect with your friends and family? 

Request a virtual session today and let me make time and hold space for you!

In response to the isolation and fear rampant amidst our current pandemic I am offering virtual sessions at a discounted rate. In a time of social distancing is it possible to feel connected and to be seen and held by another person? The answer is yes. It isn’t the same and that’s okay. A session with me will provide you with deep connection, a place to be heard and focused on and so much more. 


What does a virtual session look like? 

  • A session with me is all about you. It is for whatever you are looking to get out of the experience. I am available to you for connection and intimacy and can function as a guide/coach with anything ranging from our interactions and how we spend sessions to boundaries, consent, relationships and navigating touch we want want and don’t want.
  • We can talk or be in silence. Just like in a regular session there is no pressure to fill the space with conversation but we can. I am here just to be with you. I’m a really good listener and happy to hold space for you to share and explore your feelings. I’m also okay with silence and find so much value in just being with someone in stillness and presence.
  • We can play games. Authentic relating games are a lovely way to connect and spark interesting and exploratory conversation.
  • We can talk about touch. Even though we can’t touch over the internet we can talk about and explore touch on many different levels. Talking and thinking about things fires off similar parts of our brain as actually doing them. Exploring what we might like to do with each other can be fun and a great way to explore touch in a low risk environment.
  • We can read together, sing together, laugh together, watch Netflix together, play online games together and/or anything else you can come up with! I’m here to be with you if you’d like that.


Personal Bio

As a certified professional cuddler, I am committed to cuddling as a valuable healing practice for individuals ranging from those in need of a hug and those looking for an engagement with their world of confusing and discouraging physical experiences, to those who have spent immense time void of physical contact as well as sexual assault victims.

We live in a world full of people. So many things can distance us from those people such as technology, traveling, and jobs. We can currently keep in touch and connect deeply with a number of people previously unknown. Sometimes, though, we can forget that the people we want to connect with are real. They are physical and beautiful humans that we can touch, and feel and hold. It is for these reasons and more that I found my way into the world of cuddling. I believe it to be more than a wonderful past time, and more than a valuable healing modality for individuals searching for touch and personal growth and healing through touch. Ultimately, I believe professional cuddling to be a part of a grand reclamation of an integral and seemingly lost part of the human experience; the joy of consensual touch.

With a background in psychology and business, and an immense level of travel under my belt, I have experienced a variety of connections with people in many parts of the world. The experiences of touch within different cultures can be so varied, such as how commonplace platonic male-with-male handholding can be in areas like Nepal and India. My thesis work was on entrepreneurship and happiness, asking digital nomads in Bali, Indonesia about why they pursue a life of entrepreneurship. I am continually interested in the human condition and how each individual can achieve what they are looking for. Of the few universal truths that I have found, I believe that while physical touch is so confusing to many, it can be an invaluable way to heal them as well. I had a tumultuous journey through my own experiences involving physical touch, many of which were restricted to sexuality when all that I wanted was to be physically close and intimate with someone in an open and consensual relationship.

I am committed to a fully consensual experience where my clients can choose exactly the type of session they are looking for. I take careful consideration to request permission for actions taken while encouraging clients to voice their interests and practice using that voice in our sessions and outside.

Given all of the joy and beauty I see in the world every day, I know that for me and many others, the world can be difficult and scary. In my sessions, I hope to bring some light into your world and offer you myself entirely. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have at all by simply requesting a session below. I look forward to meeting you and cuddling with you!

Session information from Ethan

In my sessions, I am committed to mutual and consensual interactions with verbal agreements on both sides. Cuddling can be an incredibly healing and growth initiating activity and that is something that I hope you can experience in my sessions. I work with clients to express their wants and needs, offering a place to explore the self, for value in the session and out.

More Info:

  • Prior to all sessions, we will have email communication as well as a call to discuss the session and ensure this is ideal for both of us.
  • Payment can be accepted in cash, Venmo, Cash App (by Square), or by debit/credit card.
  • I offer a sliding scale payment schedule for those in need. I ask that individuals request to discuss that if it is relevant to them.

*I am currently only offering virtual sessions at a discounted rate*

Skills & Specialties

Personal Coaching Some Massage Training Active Listening


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