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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hr plus travel

Oakland, CA

About Evan

Evan believes strongly that touch is an essential need for human health and happiness. As our modern world becomes increasingly touch-deprived, having safe and supportive ways of getting our touch needs met becomes that much more essential. Our bodies and minds function best when we are receiving adequate levels of touch, and without this, we can develop a deficiency that can negatively impact all areas of our lives. The fundamental need for human touch is not widely recognized or understood. Often the only outlet for touch our culture recognizes is within the container of a romantic relationship. Short of this and we barely touch at all. Evan has experienced first-hand, through years of experiential practice, that platonic touch can transform our lives and the world at large.

Session information from Evan

I conduct my sessions by creating a safe space to connect somatically to one another. We begin by creating a comfortable, consensual communication agreement and let individual preferences guide us from there. Plenty of parking available for in-calls, I live with several housemates and two cats.

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