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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Minneapolis, MN

About Femi

Dear friend: Touch is healing. This is a profoundly simple truth to which I have dedicated my life. As a certified yoga instructor, I’ve seen how the body offers its secrets when provided a safe space to unfold. As a licensed massage therapist, I’ve worked with numerous clients to help dramatically improve their mental and physical functioning with the touch of knowledgeable hands. As a physician-in-training, I’ve seen patients blossom when offered a kindly touch.

In my personal journey touch has helped to alleviate crippling anxiety, uplift a depressed heart, focus a scattered mind, and shepherd me through the loss of several loved ones. It is an essential mainstay of my life and foundational to the healing I want to offer this world. When you come for a cuddle session, my goal is to have you feel safe, grounded, and at ease. I see our time together as an opportunity to take rest in an oasis of affection. Let yourself be filled with oxytocin and have your battery recharged, that you might face your world with greater lightness and heart.

The Deets:
I’m currently a fourth-year medical student. While pursuing an MD, my intention is to serve as a bridge between Eastern and Western healing modalities for both mind and body. I hold an MSc. in Physiology, Biophysics and Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and my BS in Elementary Education.

I’m also a nationally certified massage therapist, Shaolin Kung Fu black belt, and former Division 1 athlete. I’ve been practicing yoga and Buddhist meditation since 2004. An avid practitioner of both traditions, I completed yoga teacher training in 2013 and am an active member of my meditation community. Of particular interest to me is how an embodied yoga & dharma practice can be utilized to meet the challenging needs and deep wounds of our modern society.

Session information from Femi

The Process
My screening process will include a 10-minute Skype session or phone consultation to see if I am a good match to meet your needs. During that call, we will review the code of conduct and I can answer any questions or concerns you may have. I see clients in a private location in South Minneapolis, but am also available for out-calls. For out-calls I can travel throughout the twin cities metro for a flat fee.

I accept cash, Venmo, credit/debit card, or Paypal. This can be paid online prior to our meeting, or in-person with cash before we start cuddling.

Each session starts by making a consensual agreement, after which we allow individual preferences to guide the process. My encouragement to clients is to allow themselves to open up and connect with their authentic selves. Additionally, I encourage clients to recognize & express their needs and desires throughout the session.

Legal Disclaimer
My work as a cuddle therapist is completely separate from my work as a medical student. While robust research supports the positive benefits of cuddling, as a cuddle therapist I do not practice medicine and make no definitive curative claims through this work.

Skills & Specialties

Swedish Massage Deep Tissue Massage Structural Bodywork Thai Yoga Massage Trigger Point Therapy Sport Prenatal Myofascial Release Craniosacral Reflexology Shiatsu Acupressure Reiki Three Heart Balancing Yoga & meditation instruction Wellness Coaching


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