Cuddlist and the Elderly

Out of Sign. Out of mind


October 2017

In a study performed by Dr. Holt-Lunstad, controlling for a multitude of possible confounding variables, social isolation, loneliness, and living alone was linked to an average 29%, 26%, and 32% increase in the likelihood of mortality respectively. The conclusions of this study are concerning and yet are supported by research and are considered well-established facts. Loneliness is the number one killer and cause for depression among the elderly.


For most seniors this a challenging time. Physical and psychological changes and challenges breed depression and anxiety. Compounded often by loneliness and social isolation. The fact is most seniors need more than medicine and in home assistance. The need real contact from another caring committed human being.


Trusted Touch protocols provide trained and certified practitioners that can unlock the stress that
is built into,our biologists as we age. Through a safe and consent based process the transformative power of touch reduces the level of stress promoting hormones such as cortisol. Instead there is a release of the hormones that promote well being, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin.


All seniors contend with the physical limitation of aging, complicated by chronic conditions and lack of companionship or access to family. The value of human interaction with compassionate committed practitioners that remind their clients how much they matter cannot be overstated


Medical researchers have confirmed that touch and physical interaction with caregivers is a decisive factor in seniors ability to recover and to maintain a higher level of well being. is committed to promoting research and development in this field by actively supporting clinical testing and putting our Trusted Touch protocols to work in environments where seniors live and convalesce.

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