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Trained Cuddlist

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Atlanta, GA

About Georgette

Welcome! Glad you’re here.
My purpose is to invite others to learn to trust their ability to direct their lives. Since birth, we’ve been programmed/conditioned away from our inner-knowing –our Inner-Being, to instead rely on our parents, our teachers, our cultures, and our religions. Isn’t it time to learn to trust YOU again?

Detaching from the outer-world and taking the inner-journey begins with the art of truly connecting with yourself on a deeper level. Connecting with Self at this level, of course, means you must at some point, go deeper, broader, and wider with others. Whew! This can be scary for some. I used to be in that space of “fearing” to show the world who I truly am. Although it took practice through deliberate life choices, I’m so glad to have taken that journey. Without it, I wouldn’t be capable of sharing this journey with you.

Being a Cuddlist blesses me with the opportunity to teach and lead through the power of my example. Cuddling opens you to your most vulnerable state: learning to trust. Trusting means being that psycho-physical-bio-chemical-spiritual being you are, fully. Trusting means aligning with your Infinite-Self, your Inner-Being, your Inner-Guidance. Trusting means knowing it will all work out for you when you surrender.

The power of touch in a safe space allows us both to tap into and experience a freedom that is characteristic of our birthright. Who doesn’t want to be free? Freedom empowers you to love unconditionally through self-acceptance, and in turn, accept others. It allows you to be who you truly are. It allows you to speak your truth; to set your boundaries; and honor your morals and values.

This beautiful journey of connecting with my Human Friends is all about making a difference in this life experience. No need being bound by fears that will deprive you of being present to love, to success, and to abundance of any kind. Cuddling teaches you to trust the process while being present to your feelings. Our feelings are our emotional indicators of our truth. They are our guidance.

How did I get here? Well, I won’t go too far back, so let’s start with 2017 when I experienced one of my many impactful defining moments: I resigned/was fired from my IT job on November 9, 2017, to begin the full journey of unveiling and creating “Me” from that vulnerable state. I chose to learn to trust me, to trust the process, and most of all to trust Infinite Intelligence. Talk about cuddling! I’m cuddling with the Creator. I chose to let go and allow the what and who I am, access to my daily life.

As far as my knowledge around knowing people, well, first, none of this is to impress you, but to rather impress upon you the importance of following what brings you happiness. I’m just doing what I love to do while learning what I want to know. I hold an Associates in Psychology, a Certification in Self-Empowerment Coaching, and currently studying for my Doctorate in Metaphysical Science. Why? Well, I love learning, I love understanding who we are and why we do what we do. Our purpose is joy, simply stated, we are here to follow our highest-excitement.

Lastly, my daily affirmation is: every day, in every way, I am becoming better and better. Be blessed.

Session information from Georgette

I only do outcalls at this time. I play soft meditative music and burn some essential oils for relaxation purposes; however, please let me know if that’s ok. Please don’t wear cologne or perfume, as I am allergic to many. In addition, I am allergic to cigarette smoke, so I unfortunately, cannot be in an environment in which you do smoke.

All payments are to be made and cleared after we agree on moving forward with a Cuddling Session.

Skills & Specialties

Certified Empowerment Coach Metaphysician


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