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Heather E

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $90/hour + travel fees for outcalls

Medford, NY

About Heather E

Welcome! Thanks for coming to take a look. My name is Heather and I’m fairly new to the cuddling industry but have been told since I was a teenager that I’m very friendly and inviting (and funny). I make friends quickly and always enjoy the company of others. I truly enjoy making others feel good and have a knack for helping ease people.

There is a Code of Conduct and boundaries that I want to mention briefly and will discuss again when we have sessions. First and foremost, cuddling is platonic in nature and if non platonic advances are made, the session will be ended immediately. I want you to trust me, as I will trust you, that we can be physically close without getting intimate. The trust also goes hand-in-hand with being comfortable to tell each other if something is uncomfortable. There is nothing that you could say to me that would make me judge you or think lesser of you. Without trust, we cannot make this work. You need to be able to tell me, verbally, that you don’t like something and we can alter our course. I can promise you, now, to tell you the same.

Cuddling is meant to increase oxytocin by physical touch and increase emotional wellbeing. Some people who will benefit the most would be those with PTSD, disabled, retired service members or spouses of those actively deployed. I have a great admiration for our military and know how sometimes after your tour is over, you could feel forgotten. That is not to say that I have less respect for non-military individuals who are fighting their own battles. I welcome people of all shapes, sizes and colors! The only thing I don’t welcome are strong perfumes so please be mindful of that when preparing for a session.

I work a full time job in municipal finance and have a lovely little girl who is under 10. I am teaching her good moral values and that it’s our job to help others, as we would like to be helped if needed. I try to fit in volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity and Soldiers Angels in my spare time. I really have a soft spot for our military.

I have a corporate job so my cuddling sessions will be evenings and weekends. I also hope to have some weekday daytime hours around major holidays, to help combat those holiday blues! I try to work around my daughter’s schedule so the later in the evening, the better for me. And also, wouldn’t it feel great to have an amazing cuddling session right before bed? (If that is something that appeals to you, we can discuss that in detail when we book the appointment.)

I look forward to seeing you soon!!

Session information from Heather E

If you’ve made it this far and are still reading, it sounds like we’ve got a match! Let me briefly explain what a session would include. It’s half speculation because it would be in your home or in a public place.

Once I arrive, we’ll take care of payment so that it’s out of the way. Then we can talk for a little bit, get to know each other and start the cuddling! I will review the Code of Conduct and boundaries in each session. The areas off limits are intimate areas (butt, breasts and thighs). Hugging, holding, caressing and possibly kissing (situational and NEVER on the mouth) are permitted and encouraged. Part of the Code of Conduct is having trust. You can trust me to always say if something is making me feel uncomfortable and I want to be able to trust that you will do the same. If you’re unsure of how you want to cuddle, just say so and I can offer up some examples and things that I like. Maybe you’ll like them too. At this point I would want you to tell me any areas that you do not want touched (maybe a scar or if you’re a war vet missing a limb, or maybe even something like your tummy if you’re overweight). I can tell you this, I have a few extra pounds and used to not like my stomach being touched. I’ve gotten to the point that I now love my body and don’t mind that being touched.

At the current time I don’t have a private space for cuddling sessions so we could do a public place or your home. In the coming months, I hope to set up shop in a corporate building in Bohemia so keep checking back for updates. But until then, I will be more than happy to come to you! The session rate is $90 per hour (plus $15 travel expense for any clients farther than 10 miles from Medford and an additional $15 for Nassau) and I am setup for electronic payment via Venmo and PayPal but cash is also acceptable.


Request a session for availability. Weekday evening are limited to Suffolk County.