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Heather H

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour Virtual $50 hour

Rockville, MD

About Heather


I am responding to the current world situation by expanding our ways to connect.  It’s a lonely time, uncertain, and we still need human contact. I am here.  The therapeutic value of a session is not simply about the touch, it is about the intimacy that is created with healthy boundaries and a willingness to open up to one another. To see and be seen by another. I have a tool kit full of fun ways to do that and we can create our own confidential haven of time together however is best for both of us. Request a session today letting me know you want something virtual and we will begin! I’ll get cozy on my couch, you get cozy on yours and let’s have an authentic connection with each other.

Hi! I’m Heather and glad that you found my profile. I am a friendly, honest and open, “what you see is what you get” person. I enjoy, listening, sharing, and making real human connections. I’m a good conversationalist and have a wide array of interests.  But really, it’s about you.

EVERYONE needs affection, touch, and acceptance, and for me there are no exceptions for that. I offer a safe space for you to be you, in your most authentic and comfortable way. Regardless of past or present experiences, your age, sex, orientation, gender identity, size, nationality, or religion, and anything else I may have missed here, I welcome you.

The benefits of oxytocin, (the cuddle hormone) are real.  Some of the benefits of cuddling include relaxation, reduced stress. firmer boundaries, and connection.  And it is wonderful to have someone focus for an entire hour or more on YOU and your wants and needs for touch and cuddling.  As long as it is consensual and platonic,  I am open to exploring your affection needs. This includes intimate conversation and laughter,  hand-holding to spooning, or hopefully a combination of it all. Without any expectations and no judgment. I am happy to cuddle anyone who contacts me. I have a special affection for clients of large size and the LGBT+ community.

Upon our first meeting, we will review the Code of Conduct and discuss personal boundaries of what touch is great and what is not. Don’t worry, if you don’t know exactly what you like, we can explore that together. Then we take a couple of minutes to breathe and relax or play a “get to know each other” game before we move into cuddling.


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Scheduling a session is easy. Once I receive your contact request, I will send you an intake form and the Code of Conduct. Upon your completion and return of the forms through e-mail we can schedule a video chat or phone call, to assure that we are a good match and find a convenient time to meet. I only do in-calls for first time clients and have a cozy office space in Rockville, MD. It is in the heart of Downtown Rockville and within 2 blocks walking distance from the Metro.

Skills & Specialties

Intuitive empath LGBT


Monday - Friday: 7 am - 7 pm
Monday - Friday: request evening availability
Saturday & Sunday: 7 am- 8 pm

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