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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

Brooklyn, NY

About Houdini

(Pronouns: he/Him; they/them) I love hugging & have been cuddling & hugging my loved ones & friends for all of my life. In college, I became known for my hugs. One of my old college friends affectionately named them ‘HoudiniHugs.’
I’m someone in whom you can: Trust, confide, share with, be yourself around, & lastly, have a true, pure, real, lengthy & genuine conversation with…
Speaking of which, I’m a singer/guitarist of 23 years now & here’s a video of me, at a meeting, singing about the topic of freedom and being yourself:

I grew up in a Latino culture (my parents are Central American). They taught me hands on the appropriateness & importance of physical affection within the context of family, friends & community. Hugs & long embraces were freely shared.
I also worked, in the past, in the mental health sector & I can tell you, as someone who has personally overcome severe anxiety attacks, that meeting our personal needs is the surest way to truly recovery, experience relief, and have peace of mind & relaxation.
From my studies in: Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Biology, Healing, Tantra, Yoga, meditation, & my years of volunteer & paid experience in mental health, I’ve discovered, for myself, the need for touch. We’re designed for affection & when we don’t get enough of it (& most of the time we don’t), we start having real issues.
We are living in a world of digital devices & online relationships. We text, message or DM each other instead of calling. Real dialogue is so rare!
Our bodies & hearts are crying out for attention, we are creatures hardwired for connection – & that’s what the world needs now… more than ever!


Session information from Houdini

We get to enjoy our cuddle session in the comfort of your very own home & I’ll bring along my guitar, in case you would like me to perform a song or two. I collect payment either in cash at the beginning of the session or in advance via PayPal. Any distance beyond the city or state will be pre-calculated & added to the cost of the session. I require half of the session fee 24hrs prior to our session, as a sign of good faith &, should an emergency arise, we can then reschedule the session for a more convenient time.

Please note that I’m a highly sensitive person when it comes to strong smells of ANY kind, so perfumes & colognes are off the table for our sessions. Natural scents like pure essential oils are fine. If you’re unsure, let’s talk about it!

Skills & Specialties

Certified Conscious Listener


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