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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80 + travel fee

Philadelphia, PA | willing to travel to neighboring cities, such as NYC, Jersey City, and Washington DC surrounding areas

About Ivy


My cuddle space is an area where you are respected, heard, and cherished. I welcome people of all genders, expressions, races, religions, and nationalities. For me, cuddling is a safe space for healing, listening, sharing, and learning. This is a judgment-free zone and I encourage you to explore this with me! 

As a survivor of domestic violence, I am on a journey to discover positive (platonic) touch. I especially welcome individuals who have experienced PTSD, abuse, assault, depression, or anxiety to reach out. I understand how difficult it is to (re)gain sovereignty over our bodies and strongly support Cuddlist’s mission and vision to respecting and communicating our boundaries. If you have difficulty asking for what you desire or have trouble defending your boundaries — know that my cuddle space is a safe place for you to build these skills. I love the curious opportunity cuddling provides, as it allows us to connect with ourselves while embracing others. 

A nomad, I have lived in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Chicago, New York, and am now based in Philadelphia, PA; I have lived in Xi’an, Beijing, Chengdu, and Suzhou in China. I am proficient in Mandarin. My background in cultural sensitivity allows me to actively listen and engage with a variety of voices. One of the concepts I miss dearly from China is the ability to platonically hold hands or lock arms with my female friends. As a professional cuddler, I aspire to dismiss the social taboo associated with platonic touch. Care to join me? 

I believe questions are a wonderful gift we can share with others. Please ask any questions you may have by requesting a session. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Session information from Ivy

As long as we follow the code of conduct, I am happy to be as creative as possible during our cuddle session. Your imagination is the limit. Here are just a few things we could participate in:

Have cuddle-talk and discuss whatever you wish

Diffuse essential oils or burn candles (your pick!) while cuddling

Cuddle while listening to your favorite music

Cuddling outside in a public park or beach

Have quiet time and perhaps nap while cuddling

Read the same or different book while cuddling

Write poetry while cuddling

Cuddle in silence

Hold hands and drink tea


My cuddle space consists of a living room with a plush grey futon, a hot pink love seat, or a padded floor with a rug and/or yoga mat, and plenty of pillows and fuzzy blankets. I am located near South Street in South Philly. I do not have any pets. Please inform me if you have any allergies. 

Have a specific idea of how you wish to cuddle? Let me know! 

Before our session, I offer complimentary Skype or in-person 20-minute meetings for all first-time clients. This helps us to become better acquainted with one another and gives you time to speak about any needs, desires, questions, or concerns you may have! 

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Aromatherapy / Essential oils



Creative Writing

Advanced Mandarin proficiency; Learning novice Hindi



Please send your schedule when making a request. 



I accept checks, Paypal, cash, Google Pay, and Chase transfer. Cash is preferred. 



All sessions must be cancelled 24 hours in advance or I will keep your deposit. I am aware that emergencies arise and am happy to reschedule with adequate notice. I will respect your time and ask that you respect mine as well. 


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Aromatherapy / Essential oils


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