Professional Cuddlist, Jacob, Asheville NC
Professional Cuddlist, Jacob, Asheville NC

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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/HR

Asheville, NC

About Jacob


Jacob is a firm believer in the healing power of consensual, platonic touch. His first Cuddle Party gave him the understanding that ecstatic pleasure and personal liberation is available through the simple practice of asking for what we want, and truly honoring our yes’s and no’s. Over the years, Jacob has honed his attunement to the body through somatic practices like qigong, yoga, and breathwork. He has developed emotional intelligence and the ability to hold empathetic emotional space through conscious communication and awareness practices like RC (Re-evaluation Counseling), circling, authentic relating and IFS (Internal Family Systems). He loves to express himself and live out his joy through singing, dancing (ecstatic and contact-improv), and sensual play and touch.

In a cuddle session, Jacob has utmost respect for personal boundaries and verbal consent. These are the gateways to mutual trust and safety, the foundation for the nourishment this work has to offer. He provides a slow, gentle, caring, nurturing masculine presence. His joy in life is to share his passion for healing touch and the power of expressing and fulfilling our desires.



Session information from Jacob

I conduct my sessions in a private studio at my house with its own private entrance. We will be on a very comfy futon which functions as either a couch or a bed. During the session I’ll have ambient mood lighting and play soft, relaxing music.

I live in a shared house with two other housemates who may or may not be home during sessions. The bathroom is a shared bathroom located off the main living area, however there will be a partition in place allowing private entry into the bathroom. Parking is off the street and very safe.

I look forward to cuddling and sharing healing touch with you!

**Please note: I frequently enjoy outdoor time away from cell service, so my response times to new requests may sometimes be several days

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Skills & Specialties

Emotional space holding listening training Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) Esalen massage training breathwork qigong cuddle events snuggle parties conscious sensuality workshops


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