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Jamie L

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour

Madison, WI

About Jamie L

Jamie is now offering virtual sessions: $70/ hour
When making a request, just mention that you would like to connect virtually. While physical touch is an important element to a cuddle session, circumstances dictate that we expand our ability to connect with others. This is a unique opportunity to open our minds to different options to explore emotional intimacy, healthy boundaries, and asking for our wants and needs to be met.

Jamie’s mission is to provide a safe space for others; to have their need for platonic intimacy and emotional support met, while enabling their practice of these crucial life skills:

1.) Asking for What You Want and Need
2.) Discovering Your Boundaries
3.) Communicating and Maintaining Your Boundaries

No matter how fiercely and courageously we go through our daily lives; sometimes we just need a safe haven. A gentle feeling of fondness for those who are lonely and crave affection. To be gently cared for, respected, and safe to be authentically you, is something we all deserve.

Jamie believes in the power of kindness, active listening, and empathy. She is experienced in nurturing the bonds of affection and understands that tenderness and intimacy in relationships can be elusive.

Session information from Jamie L

Presence is powerful. Being present and fully attuned to what a person you’re interested in is saying can communicate genuine care and interest. When you relate to the other person with genuine empathy and positive regard, an emotional connection can be made.

The only way to create an emotional connection is to make the decision to be vulnerable. That means, you don’t always have to stick to “safe” subjects like your career, your pet, or how your weekend went. “Get raw, open up and share.”

Remember, emotional connection is supposed to be deep; not like a casual acquaintance. If you want something more, don’t be afraid to open up and be a little too honest about yourself.

According to the Gottman Institute, emotional attraction means “being attracted not just to your partner’s body, but also to their hearts, minds, and dreams.”

“It’s what keeps both partners engaged and invested in the relationship over the long haul.”

I am here to help you practice getting to know yourself on a deeper level. Prior to a virtual session, I provide a complimentary phone call to allow us to get a better feel for whether we are a good match for this to work. For fifteen minutes, we can chat about whatever you like. This time also allows me to verbally check in with you to be sure that you understand the platonic nature of this connection. Essentially, this is not a sexual connection, there are other outlets out there if that is what you are seeking.

Thank you for reaching out to me and for taking care of yourself in this way. I look forward to talking with you and finding out if we can take the connection to a deeper level. I understand that vulnerability takes practice, and the pace is set by you. I am happy to virtually meet with you on a regular basis.

Be well. Talk to you soon.

Skills & Specialties

holding sacred space for others trauma informed yoga the art of expression coaching and advocacy


9am-4pm Monday-Saturday.
Requests for times outside those hours may be considered.
In person appointments may be scheduled in advance to ensure availability- I am currently planning for April 25th, 2020.

Virtual availability
9am-9pm Monday-Saturday beginning March 25, 2020

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