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Janie Michael

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $90/hour

Seattle, WA

About Janie Michael

My commitment is to inspire and awaken the potential all human beings have for enriching, nourishing connection with both self, others and the natural world. I love professional cuddling, because it gives me an opportunity to both give and receive the gift of connection, presence and loving touch, which are all experiences that I believe are essential for true human wellness.

The experience of being held with kindness, compassion and without agenda is profound. It is profound because it is such a rare thing in our culture, to just be physically close to someone without it having to mean something. As children, many of us are lucky to receive this kind of touch from our parents and loved ones — long hugs, or cuddles that give the body affection and show us we are cared for and loved. But as adults, many of us are touch-starved, because we live in a culture that collapses the distinctions between affection and sexuality. Yet, they are totally two different things.

As your Cuddlist, my intention is to give you the opportunity to relax deeply, nourish yourself with an authentic connection, great cuddles and also empower you to cultivate the kind of life and connections you want to have. I became a professional Cuddlist because I know the power of non-sexual, loving touch and I love to connect with people. My interest lies in the study of intimacy, communication and personal empowerment and I have been both a coach and practitioner in these fields for twelve years.

I’m a natural intuitive and most clients say they feel instantly comfortable in my presence. During our session, we can converse or be silent, we can explore different cuddling styles, or remain in one cuddle the whole time. While the session is guided by me, it is dictated by mutual consent, so ask for what you’d like! If you’ve never had a professional cuddling session before, or don’t exactly know what you want, I have plenty of both experience and skill to help you uncover your ability to both know what you want and to ask for it.

I’m honored you visited my profile and happy to connect with you. Please feel free to email me any questions. And be sure before sending a cuddle request to read both the Cuddlist FAQ and the Code of Conduct. It’s important to me that you totally agree with and will follow the Code of Conduct. Thank you!

Session information from Janie Michael

I like to have a phone conversation to get acquainted before each session. Sessions with me are held in a wonderful, cozy apartment in Central District Seattle. My studio is quiet and private and close to downtown. Parking is plentiful. Our session begins with a conversation about the rules of our session, communication & individual preferences. In addition to cuddling, I love to teach intimacy skills including authentic communication and discussions on consent, emotional intelligence & powerful relating.
Spring water & tea is available for refreshment. For longer sessions I offer fresh fruit upon request. I accept PayPal, cash or credit cards.

Skills & Specialties

Meditation Teacher Emotional Release Work Practitioner Personal Transformational Coaching


Available for sessions in Seattle seven-days-a-week, between 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Please note that same-day sessions are not available -- so please request in advance!