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Janie Michael

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: 100 Euro/Hour

Munich, Germany

About Janie Michael

*****I’m no longer based in Seattle. I’ll be offering sessions in Munich, Germany beginning June 2019! *****

First, thanks for being here. I’m so lucky I have what it takes to be a Cuddlist and that you are here, pondering doing something wonderful for yourself.

We all need space and time to process life. You know how it goes: the ups and downs, feeling stuck, sudden changes, dramas, work stress, family stress…all of this living does a number on our nervous systems. Next thing we know we are SO stressed, our bodies are whacked out, we feel emotionally worn, tense and we wonder, what to do?

I’m here to provide a connection, a hand, a lap, a shoulder, a touch, a smile, a listening ear, a long hug — the unique presence that is me. I provide the space for you to unfurl, unwind, discharge and get nurtured, be held and let go so you can go back into your life, clear, open, renewed and ready for whatever is next.

Sessions with me are a unique wellness experience because they are driven by your needs and dictated by mutual consent. We can really co-create a session that is tailored to you and what you want!

I’ve got charm and a vibrant spirit and clients say they feel instantly comfortable in my presence. During our session, we can converse or be silent, we can explore different cuddling styles, or remain in one cuddle the whole time. We can explore giving and receiving touch or even just talk! As I said above, the session is led by you and is dictated by mutual consent, so ask for what you’d like! If you’ve never had a professional cuddling session before, or don’t exactly know what you want, I have plenty of both experience and skill to help you uncover your ability to both know what you want and to ask for it.

:::::: What can you expect in a session with me ? ::::::

  • A lovely, cozy and private space for our session, with lots of pillows and cushioning for maximum comfort
  • Hot herbal tea, sparkling water, lemon water or filtered water to drink. Fresh fruit for a snack, if desired.
  • Compassionate, abiding presence and respect of boundaries.
  • A space for you to be totally yourself. Meaning, I hold a totally judgment-free space.
  • Listening and heartfelt care.
  • Privacy and confidentiality.
  • A nourishing mind-body experience.
  • A scent-free space. Although, if you like essential oils, you can always request an aromatic cuddle session!

I have a decade of experience as a professional holistic/energy healer and touch provider. I have formal training in emotional/trauma release work, meditation and transformational coaching. In these years I’ve worked with people from all walks of life and who are going through a variety of situations: divorces, gender transitions, deaths of loved ones, career changes, feeling alone and isolated, recovering from traumatic experiences/accidents, socially anxious, not confident around giving/receiving touch, not been lovingly touched in 10 years + etc. I’ve also just worked with people who are simply curious about what this is all about! This is just to say: all are welcome!

I’m honored you visited my profile and happy to connect with you. Please feel free to email me with any questions. And be sure before sending a session request to read both the Cuddlist FAQ and the Code of Conduct. It’s important to me that you totally agree to follow the Code of Conduct. Thank you!

Session information from Janie Michael

I suggest booking a 90-minute session, especially if it’s your first time meeting me!

Same day appointments are usually available.

I require we have a phone conversation or meeting by Skype to have an introduction before setting our first appointment.

I accept cash only at this time.

If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before our scheduled time, I charge a 50 percent of the session as a cancellation fee.

Skills & Specialties

Intuitive Emotional/Trauma Release Work Practitioner Personal Transformational Coaching Inner Guidance Movement Method Aromatherapist Energetic Tantra Practitioner Energy Healing


Please contact me for availability.