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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $70/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Nashville, TN

About Jason

Touch deprivation hurts, and healthy touch heals!

I’m on a mission to heal the pain of disconnection and loneliness in the world, by increasing quality human connection through safe, platonic touch.

Much of my life’s work has been about learning how to take care of my body’s highly sensitive nature. Over the years, I’ve battled and overcome depression, severe anxiety, and PTSD. In the process I’ve learned that our nervous systems need regular safe touch to function properly.

When done with gentleness, healing intention, and respect, cuddling can be an incredibly important element in helping an over-stressed or neglected body feel like it is safe to thrive again.

It goes even deeper than that, though.

Our body is deeply connected to our emotional processes, which means that platonic cuddling can also be an important part of recovering from a break-up, improving self-esteem, or preparing to open up to love again without projecting the body’s need for touch onto the people you might date.

I’m a relationship coach and a transformational life coach, so cuddle sessions with me can be soothing and empowering on multiple levels.

Whether you desire meaningful conversation with your cuddle, or just quiet support, I would be honored to be a part of your return to health and relaxation.

Session information from Jason

Currently I’m only doing out-calls in the greater Nashville area, because we don’t have enough space in our home to host private sessions, (yet!)

Once you submit a request, I’ll call you for a quick chat so we can make sure we’re comfortable with each other, and then we’ll set our session appointment.

Payment must be made in advance, please, via Paypal.

Please be showered, have your teeth brushed, and be wearing clean clothes, and I will do the same.

When I arrive for our session, we’ll cover the Opening Agreement, which will make sure you’re clear about the Code of Conduct and the fact that you have full control over how much we talk and how we cuddle (within the boundaries of the Code of Conduct.)

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance, please, or there will be no refund.

Skills & Specialties

Relationship Coaching Life Purpose Coaching Recovery Coaching Light Massage


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