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Jeni W.

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Perry Hall, MD

About Jeni


I attended college long ago and earned a Theatre-Performance degree. Throughout this learning we worked on body work and learned about vestibular balance and sensory input and how they affect our ability to feel ourselves in space. Having now been an autism mom for 13 years and finding creative ways to learn from my child and help him deal with the different experiences he has based on touch and sensory input, I have come back around to my teachings from college and found that the best way to calm, reassure, ease anxiety, and just love is through positive touch.

I believe that the pandemic has changed our world and now more than ever, we need to explore the healing powers of platonic touch. I am a naturally nurturing person who wants to spread love and light through the power of this new therapeutic modality. If anything has been realized these last few years on the whole, it is the importance of mental health and the power that socialization and sharing space with other people contributes to our mental well-being. I want to contribute to the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of my clients. I want to engage in exercises that make my clients feel aware of their own power, choices, and positive vibrations in the universe.

Session information from Jeni

I offer a free intake via phone or Zoom. This will take about 15 minutes to complete. We will cover what is allowed and not during a session during this intake and we will also both sign our session agreement. After that, you will receive an email with instructions on how to get here, where to park, and where to enter the cuddling space. If this is an outcall, you will receive information on the out-call travel fee in the email. There is a waiting area where you can shuck your shoes and I’ll greet you. The cuddling space has a sofa or a futon you may choose from. You can also pick music if you would like. I begin each session with a reaffirmation of our session agreement.

I want you to feel safe and heard and comfortable with me. I want you to understand that the power of platonic touch can be absolutely transformative. In this day and age of online everything, getting back to true connection and affirmation of our humanity is a miraculous thing. Each session will run about 45 minutes of actual cuddling. This way we can discuss feelings at the end. You can ask for almost any sort of platonic touch during our session. I will comply if I am comfortable. I want you to make choices. I want you to feel like you are being heard and seen and enjoy the wondrous feelings that can come from someone giving you their full attention.

Please note that I am fully vaccinated and boosted and will only be working with clients who are also fully vaccinated and boosted. Proof will be necessary prior to scheduling.

After our session, please take care to schedule some time to relax and take in all that you have felt and learned during our session. You may feel a bit dizzy from the release of oxytocin. Lean into this feeling and enjoy it. Within 48 hours of our session, you will receive an email from me following up to see if you have any reactions or realizations you would like to share. We can discuss scheduling further sessions at this time. This modality of therapy can be truly life-altering if you allow yourself to be free and present in our time together. I hope you will allow me to take part in your journey!

Skills & Specialties

Certified relationship coach Personal life coach Autism parenting mentor In process of becoming SHA certified health coach and consultant


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