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Jennifer L

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80

Philadelphia, PA

About Jennifer L

Jennifer has been a holistic healing and wellness practitioner for several years, focusing on self awareness, self healing, and personal growth with assistance/aid from “mindful living” practices such as: meditation, being present, exercising mind body and spirit with self love through acceptance, knowledge of self gratitude and the power of positive thoughts.

She believes nurturing platonic touch is as healing for her as it is for her clients and becoming a Cuddlist has manifested into her life’s purpose. She has so much gratitude for having the opportunity to heal others and be healed as well.

With society having so many distractions and things keeping folks further apart from each other we are all lacking in vitamin T (touch) and could use a dose of kindness. Together we can put unity into humanity one cuddle at a time!

Session information from Jennifer L

For your cuddle session I will be completely present with you and create a comfortable safe space of peace, acceptance, transparency,openness and love free from judgment where you will be free to express yourself, ask for your desires, relax, be present while feeling cared for and nurtured.

I will be doing out calls only for now with a travel fee when traveling 30 minutes or longer.

Forms of payment accepted are: Cash, cash app, payPal, Venmo
$40 cancelling within 48 hrs

Initial contact through email, and I’m open to text and phone conversation as well when session is booked.

Skills & Specialties

Chakra reading/cleansing cranial massage ear candling mindfulness coaching guided meditations healing tea blends


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