Professional Cuddlist, Jeremy P, San Diego CA
Professional Cuddlist, Jeremy P, San Diego CA

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Jeremy P.

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $75/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

San Diego, CA

About Jeremy P.


Cuddle therapy is an extraordinary method to fulfill our fundamental need of human connection. It ensures that more people readily have access to the intimacy we require. I believe that to comfortably explore this connection, open communication, clear establishment of boundaries, and compassion with one another are essential. If more people engaged in vulnerable self-expression and received others from a place of empathy, the world would be filled with happier people. I respect everyone from all walks of life and always aim to construct an atmosphere that feels safe and encourages authenticity.

There’s nothing I value more than being able to help others with their mental health. My biggest goal is to attain my master’s degree and become a licensed therapist. In the meantime, I know there are other avenues to help people. Through my studies, I have learned that human contact provides neurochemical changes in the brain that lessen depression and anxiety, lower heartrate and blood pressure, and boost the immune system. Cuddle therapy is an opportunity for me to provide others with support for their mental and physical wellbeing.

Session information from Jeremy P.

I conduct my sessions in clients’ homes. I am open to music or any other background that helps a client feel at ease. I begin every meeting by engaging in conversation to get comfortable with one another and identify boundaries and needs. I make it a point to check in with you intermittently to see how you are feeling and if any adjustments are necessary. We can take a break anytime you would like. My visits are about you, so I encourage you to utilize our time together in a way that feels most fulfilling to you.

I have an allergy to cats, so please let me know if you have any so I can take an allergy pill before coming over.

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Skills & Specialties

-B.A. in psychology
-3 years of experience in behavioral therapy
-1 year of experience in psychiatric health



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